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    15 Times Jake Jagielski Was Not The Man You Needed, But The Man You Deserved

    Nathan and Lucas Scott who?

    1. When he made this declaration of love to Peyton.

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    I never wanted him to be mine more than in this moment.

    2. When he introduced everyone in town to his daughter Jenny to show that he wasn't ashamed of her.

    The WB

    If you looked up "DILF" in the dictionary, you'd find Jake Jagielski.

    3. When he sang his daughter to sleep.

    The WB

    4. When he continuously reminded Lucas to not let anyone get to him.

    5. When he was the only member on the varsity basketball team to be nice to Lucas after he joined.

    6. When he wasn't afraid to talk back to Nathan.

    7. When he didn't give into peer pressure.

    8. When he was on the other side of the adjoining hotel room door.

    9. When he walked the catwalk as the Raven's mascot at the "Boy Toy" auction.

    10. When he did everything possible to protect Jenny.

    The WB / Via

    I mean, he even went to prison to keep her from Nicki.

    11. When he came back to town to help Peyton because he was worried about her.

    12. When he gave Lucas dry clothes after the team hazing began.

    The WB / Via

    "Don't worry, it'll go away."

    13. When he had the sweetest smile on his face when he saw Peyton at the airport.

    The WB / Via

    Thankful everyday that Peyton went to see Jake instead of Pete.

    14. When he was nothing but honest with Peyton.

    The WB / Via

    15. And when he wrote and performed "Someday".

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