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    17 Completely Unforgivable Crimes Against Salad

    No salad deserves to be imprisoned in a wine glass.

    1. When someone decided to make a SpongeBob themed egg salad.

    Which tbf is actually pretty damn good as far as egg salad art goes.

    Viacom International / / BuzzFeed

    2. When a hipster restaurant trapped a salad in a wine glass.

    At last. A restaurant that puts your salad under a wine glass. Just like you've never wanted. #wtf

    3. And when this was a restaurant's idea of a salad.

    4. When this work canteen had a very loose interpretation of a salad.

    5. When this takeout salad came looking just a little bare.

    6. When someone in '70s came up with the concept of a salad surprise.

    Which someone was actually brave enough to try for themselves.

    @70s_party @bake_down I have had this. And it *was* a surprise!

    7. When this Caesar salad tried acting all posh.

    8. When someone decided to fill a bath up with crab salad for some completely unknown reason.

    9. When a school dished up this taco salad with a straight face.

    10. And when this Caesar salad was served at an airport.

    *'90s comedian voice* Airline food, am I right?

    Since we're on the topic, enjoy this little salad joke:

    julius caesar (dying after being stabbed 23 times): please…name a salad after me

    11. When this salad came awkwardly placed in mason jar.

    12. When this dish called a "candle salad" was popular in America from the 1920s right up until the 1960s.

    Here's the ingredients for anyone wanting to make their own: lettuce, pineapple, banana, cherry, and either mayonnaise or cottage cheese for the umm, discharge.

    13. When this panini was served up with the world's saddest side salad.

    14. When a tomato-heavy salad came in a sink.

    15. When this monstrosity showed up on a recipe card.

    16. When someone though salad could do with the ice cream treatment.

    17. And when this fluorescent green coleslaw salad was birthed into existence.