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Time To Answer The Most Important Question Of Your Life: Do You Wash Your Jeans?

In denim-ial.

Guys, serious question you wash your jeans?

Most people seem to very clearly be on team "no wash."

I just pulled a pair of jeans from my pile of dirty laundry and concluded that they had been sitting there unworn l…

I literally never wear jeans but ppl have told me you're not supposed to wash them after every wear 🤔... is that a…

Some ppl don't wash their jeans bc it is bad for the denim, some ppl don't wash their jeans bc they're lazy, I like to pretend I'm the first

didnt wanna wash my jeans so i just sprayed some shout on the stain and scrubbed it in BOOM no laundry

I never know if I’ve actually lost weight or if my pants just fit looser becuase I’ve worn them for two weeks straight without a wash.

Some are even citing the denim-godfather himself Levi Strauss in their defense:

@AidanNorthcott @AdamWylde The washing machine tears up jeans. I believe it was the owner of Levi Strauss said that…

Although, there are a select few who are actually on team "Wash!!!"

When people say they “never wash their jeans” does that mean they never spill coffee all over themselves, or do the…

I'm actually not really sure I'm in love with a man until I know whether he washes his jeans

So, come on y'all, let's settle this debate.

  1. Do you wash your jeans?

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Do you wash your jeans?
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