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    31 Of The Most Poorly Thought Out Design Decisions We've Ever Had The Misfortune To Encounter

    Who approved these though??

    1. First of all, whoever thought this was gonna be a good look for a sink failed pretty miserably...

    2. And if someone thought this nightlight would help kiddos sleep, well, that's not happening.

    3. Honestly, who thought these bathroom tiles were a good idea though??

    4. Or this nearly illegible business slogan?

    5. Speaking of typography, this got awkward very quickly...

    6. And just imagine not losing your mind when using this elevator.

    7. This sign certainly, uh, gets the message across...

    8. And this diaper packaging is...most unfortunate.

    9. This brochure seems to be promoting some rather questionable mother-daughter bonding activities...

    10. While this ad seems like someone didn't fully think a few things through, either.

    11. Remember, folks: contrasting colors are important.

    12. Seasoning local pigeons is not allowed.

    13. Salt shakers shouldn't be this suggestive...

    14. And neither should armchairs.

    15. Meanwhile, Spider-Man appears to have grown a new appendage...

    16. And apparently, there's a new big cat species we haven't been told about:

    17. This was...not completely thought out.

    18. And this could have done with another round of edits or so:

    19. This is just kind of extremely weird??

    20. And we're not sure this was the best way to honor ol' Stevie's legacy:

    21. This dress is...provocative, to say the least.

    22. And this poster seems just kind of confused.

    23. What's going on with this dude's legs here???

    24. And what's happening with this slide??

    25. We're sure that's not quite what they meant...

    26. Meanwhile, there's a word for this, and we think it's "Ooooooof."

    27. Dafuq is a "sasa lele?"

    28. But also, dafuq is this lobby art?????

    29. This is just straight-up funny...

    30. And this is just completely fucked up...

    31. And finally, this is what every nuclear family wants, right?

    This post was translated from German.