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    23 Of The Best Places To Order Chocolate Online

    Sugar we're going down shopping.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Dylan's Candy Bar is Willy Wonka's chocolate factory IRL. They have such a variety of candy and chocolate to choose from you'll walk away thinking you got the golden ticket after all.

    Dylan's Candy Bar

    Why they're cool: They'll help you throw ~super sweet~ parties of all kinds like bridal and baby showers, corporate events, and birthdays. You name it, and they'll have candy for it! Check out their parties page here, as well as our shoutout to them in our picks for the best places to buy candy online.

    Shipping: Free shipping with orders over $50.

    Get the signature chocolate wheel (pictured on the left) for $45.

    Shop all their chocolate here!

    2. Postsweet is a subscription box that brings chocolate and treats from around the world right to your doorstep every month.

    The international box with English chocolate

    Why they're cool: Each basket is filled with a different country's beloved sweets!

    Shipping: Shipping included in the price. Only available within the United States.

    Get a monthly subscription to Postsweet on CrateJoy for $40+/month.

    Shop all the chocolate subscription boxes available on CrateJoy here, and take a look at some of our other favorite subscription boxes here.

    3. See's Candies offers delicious chocolate treats for any occasion. From yummy hearts for Valentine's Day, to chocolatey bunnies for Easter, you'll have an excuse to get delicious chocolate all year round!


    BTW, all of their Valentine's Day candy will go live in January!

    Why they're cool: They've been making chocolate since their first store opened in California in 1921, almost 100 years ago (omg)! They also offer over 100 varieties of chocolate for all different occasions like Valentine's Day, game day, gift boxes, and custom mixes! To top it off they offer a variety of yummy lollypops everyone (including me) is obsessed with!

    Shipping: Free for any order over $65.

    Get the box of assorted chocolate (pictured on the right) for $15.25.

    Shop all their chocolates here!

    4. Godiva, a staple chocolatier since 1926, is still bringing us decadent treats for the people we love most.

    Truffle giftbox

    Why they're cool: It's a brand we have come to know and love so when that box shows up at your door you know just what to expect — a mouthful of chocolatey goodness every time!

    Shipping: Free shipping for orders over $25.

    Get the Signature Truffle gift box pictured here for $13+ (available in five sizes).

    Shop their full selection here!

    5. Mouth, yes, has an entire selection of chocolate and chocolate-themed gift boxes, but I'm here to tell you they also offer CHOCOLATE. FLAVORED. WHISKEY. GOODBYE.


    It's gonna be a wild night and we'll ~choc~ it up to the most delicious poor decision of our lives.

    Why they're cool: Have a tight budget? Want something vegan? Not to worry! They'll let you curate gift boxes based on personal taste preferences, dietary restrictions, and how much you want to spend!

    Shipping: Standard shipping starts at $11.99.

    Get the boozy sweet bundle (pictured on the left) for $82.

    Shop all their chocolate options here!

    6. Shari's Berries sells (you guessed it) chocolate-covered strawberries! But that's not all, they have assorted chocolate covered strawberries for just about everything. You can even enjoy an assortment for your b-day, if cake really isn't you thing.

    Shari's Berries

    Chocolate and strawberries. Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait.

    Why they're cool: They have everything from deluxe baskets for a super special birthday treat to something more refined to gift someone in the office.

    Shipping: Standard delivery starts at $9.99.

    Get a dozen chocolate covered strawberries for $44.99 and the Happy B-Day chocolate covered strawberries for $54.99.

    Shop all their chocolates here!

    7. Harry and David offers a wide variety of treats from more traditional options like their chocolate truffles to ones more ~out of the box~, like this treasure chest of treats!

    The treasure chest of an assortment of chocolates
    Harry and David

    Behold, an actual treasure chest. Let the mahogany-stained wood pull you in to reveal the chocolate cake, truffles, pretzels, and malt balls awaiting you! I don't know about you, but this sure is shivering my timbers.

    Why they're cool: Among their vast selection is a variety of chocolate, nut, and marshmallow popcorns called Moose Munch, which is just a hilarious name so I felt I should mention it!

    Shipping: Free shipping on select gifts with code FREEFSD

    Get the Chocolate Treasure Box pictured here for $74.99.

    Shop all chocolate here!

    8. Vosges Haut Chocolat is known for drool-worthy hot chocolate as well as an assortment of limited edition chocolate gift boxes that we're incredibly ~grateful~ for.

    Vosges Haut Chocolate, Vosges Chocolate

    Why they're cool: Vosges Haut Chocolat is female founded by the incredible chocolatier Katrina Markoff. She ethically sources her ingredients and has worked all over the world in order to bring you something the likes of which you've never tasted before.

    Shipping: Standard shipping starts at $15 and is free on orders of $65+.

    Get the drinking chocolate for $18 (left), and the gift set for $60 (right).

    Shop their full selection here!

    9. Recchiuti has (IMHO) the most photogenic hot chocolate plus customized chocolate options for both company and personal gifts!


    Why they're cool: They source the cacao in their hot chocolate from South America and its rich flavor is sure to fulfill your coziest wintertime fantasies.

    Shipping: Two-day shipping costs $15.

    Get the dark hot chocolate for $20 and find out more about business and personal customization options here!

    Shop all chocolate here!

    10. Lake Champlain Chocolates has a wide variety of delicious chocolates, including vegan and keto-friendly options, so there really is a sweet for everybody!

    Lake Champlain Chocolate

    Why they're cool: They're a Vermont-based chocolate company that sources excellent ingredients in order to produce premium, heartfelt chocolates. 

    Shipping: Fees vary depending on your purchase, starting at a rate of $9.95 for orders below $25.

    Get the dark chocolate almond and caramel clusters pictured here for $35.

    Shop all chocolate here!

    11. MarieBelle is a NY-based chocolate shop that delivers a romantic assortment of chocolate ganache with nostalgic designs on each bite.

    The box of chocolates with different New York City-themed designs

    Why they're cool: It's art you can eat! You also get 10% your first order if you sign up!

    Shipping: Free overnight shipping with orders $130+.

    Get the 16 piece chocolate ganache box for $54.

    Shop all chocolate here!

    12. What Candy Says is a fabulous Etsy shop! How cool are these custom messages laid out on yummy squares of chocolate?! <3

    What Candy Says/Etsy

    Why they're cool: It's great to support a small business, plus customized anything is always cool! Mine would read: "All mine, do not touch."

    Promising Review: "Great seller! Responded within minutes to all of my questions. I even asked for it to arrive just before Valentine's Day and it was shipped with perfect timing. The candy is adorable and tastes great." —Shawnee

    Shipping: Free shipping on all orders.

    Get a customized Birthday box from What Candy Says on Etsy for $42.49.

    Shop all chocolate here!

    13. Amazon offers, among millions of other incredible things, BULK. CHOCOLATE. and at a really great price!


    Why they're cool: Look, normally these guys cost like a $1 each at the check out counter and I always want to grab the whole box but I can't spend $60 on a last minute craving. Have you had this happen to you? Well look no further because once again Amazon is the answer to our problem. This box of 60 Lindt's melt in your mouth truffles will only cost you 20 cents a pop! You're welcome.

    For more recs like this, take a look at our picks for the best chocolates you can get on Amazon!

    Shipping: Free one day shipping with Prime.

    Get 60 Lindt truffles from Amazon for $17.95 (left), and the 48-count Ferrero Rocher gift box from Amazon for $21.49 (right).

    Shop all chocolate here!

    14. Simply Chocolate is the perfect place to shop if you're looking for a stand-out chocolate basket or a more personal box that sends a special message with chocolate from the Simply Say It collection.

    Simply Chocolate

    Why they're cool: They carry all sorts of brands like Max Brenner, Ghirardelli Chocolates, Fannie May and many more so you don't have to look far to find what you're looking for!

    Shipping: Get free shipping on your Simply Say It order with promotion code SAYIT

    Get the Deluxe Snack Basket for $79.99 (left) and the 19-piece Simply Say It box for $29.99 (right).

    Shop all chocolate here!

    15. From You Flowers doesn't just deliver flowers! They ship baskets of yummy chocolate too! I'm honestly so ~bitter~ I didn't know about this sooner.

    From You Flowers

    Lmao at the fruit in that second basket, like thank you for the pineapple but we all know why we're really here.

    Why they're cool: Ok I know I made fun of the pineapple BUT fruit is actually really great with chocolate and it's cool they offer that variety!

    Chocolate gift baskets start at $42.49.

    Shop all gift baskets here!

    16. Candy with a Twist is a small, Black woman-owned business that specializes in customizable confectionary. Think: design your own marshmallows for hot chocolate — yep, you read that correctly.

    Candy with a Twist

    Why they're cool: They are a candy boutique that creates unique, personalized sweets and candy: From custom s'mores kits to lollypops and even birthday cake mugs! Check out their "design your own" page here.

    Get the Hot Chocolate Cone with Marshmallows for $7.95 (left) and the Santa Hot Chocolate Stick for $25 (right).

    Shop all candy here!

    17. Compartes creates European-style chocolate from the heart of Los Angeles. Making delectable bars and eye-catching gift boxes filled with gourmet-designed truffles and chocolate-covered fruits, they've been a staple on the West Coast for the past 50 years.

    The gourmet truffles

    Why they're cool: From funky designs to collab's with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, this chocolatier crafts edible pieces of art and even vegan bars of chocolate to suit every flavor palette. Check out their gallery here!

    Shipping: Free shipping on orders $100+.

    Get the 20-piece truffles for $54.95+ (available in two styles).

    Shop all chocolate here!

    18. Williams Sonoma is known for selling amazing housewares that look exquisite and sophisticated. But the brand also sells food products, like chocolate obviously, that will entice your tastebuds.

    Williams Sonoma

    Why they're cool: Well, simply put, Williams Sonoma offers the best in everything, so the chocolate offered is no exception. Williams Sonoma offers rich, decadent chocolates that are sure to be on your next favorite guilty pleasures.

    Shipping: Varies depending on order amount.

    Get the box of peppermint bark for $29.95+ (left) and the Norman Love signature box for $59.95 (right).

    Shop all chocolate here!

    19. Jcoco creates eye-catching chocolate wrappings that are just as sweet as what's inside them. The brand also offers chocolate bars with unexpected flavor and ingredient combinations.


    Why they're cool: Jcoco offers a modern take on chocolate with different and bold flavors that are typically not expected in a chocolate bar. For instance, there's a crisp quinoa sesame bar and an Alaskan smoked sea salt bar. The packaging is also very striking and appealing.

    Shipping: Free standard U.S. shipping on all orders over $75.

    Get the Alaskan Sea Salt bar for $11.99 (left) and the Crisp Quinoa Sesame bar, also for $11.99 (right).

    Shop all chocolate here!

    20. Ghirardelli has been making delicious and highly-praised chocolate since 1852, so you really can't go wrong with sinking your teeth into one of their iconic squares.


    Why they're cool: They make an array of chocolate that people know all over the world. We also gave them a shoutout in "25 Of The Best Places To Order Gift Baskets Online," for their chocolatey gift baskets.

    Shipping: $9.95+, depending on your order total. All orders of $60+ receive free shipping.

    Get the Chocolate Greetings gift basket for $76.95.

    Shop all chocolate here!

    21. Dandelion Chocolate makes quality chocolate that's practically made to gift. From their gourmet boxes to their small batches, you'll be eating their creations with your eyes first.

    Dandelion Chocolate

    Why they're cool: They source their expertly fermented cocoa from a single origin and turn it into something delicious. Beyond their physically gift-able chocolates, Dandelion Chocolate also offers "chocolate experiences," like digital classes and tastings.

    Shipping: $15 for two-day shipping.

    Get the Ferry Building Collection (on the left) for $125 and the Make Your Own Truffle Kit (and join their online truffle class) for $100.

    Shop all chocolate and gifts here!

    22. Hilliards Chocolates is a family-owned, treasured maker of artisan chocolates in New England. Since 1924, they've produced chocolates with love and care, which can still be seen in their craft creations like dreamy truffles, delicious bark, and fun seasonal treats.

    Hilliards Chocolates

    Why they're sweet: This family legacy of a business has a vast menu of goodies to choose from, with each creation as delightful as the last. Whether you're digging into their crunchy bark or their creamy chocolate eggs, you'll see and taste the love and care from these longtime candy-makers.

    Promising review: "The lemon and lavender truffles are to-die-for! Not only were the flavors unique, but they were also one of the dreamiest and creamiest desserts that has ever graced my presence (and I'm a certified dessert person, so that's saying something). I shared a box of four with my family and we were only able to communicate in expressions because we were each so involved with our respective truffles." –Clara McMahon, BuzzFeed writer

    Shipping: $8.95+, depending on your order total.

    Get the lemon and lavender truffles for $15.95 (left) and the sugar-free assortment for $16.75 (right).

    23. Bon Bon Bon, a Michigan-based business that hand-makes some of the most delicious, indulgent, and unique chocolates in the game. From extra-chocolatey flavors like Pudge Brownie to avant-garde creations like Starwberry Balsamic and Killer Cereal, they truly have a chocolate to tickle everyone's fancy., Bon Bon Bon

    Why they're sweet: Bon Bon Bon uses classic French techniques to create their rich and dreamy treats. You can choose from their pre-set boxes, or create your own to sample the flavors that speak to you most. Just be sure to keep up with their impressive seasonal rotations (I know - what a hardship). Oh, you should also peruse their chocolate oddities, which include cassette tapes, floppy discs, and vinyls.

    Price: $7+

    Shipping: Ground shipping is $15. Next day air is $35 and is recommended for destinations over 70 degrees.

    Get the "Tall, Dark, and Bon-Some!" box for $49 (right).

    Shop all of their bon bon bons here!

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