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    23 Of The Best Places To Order Chocolate Online

    Sugar we're going down shopping.

    1. Dylan's Candy Bar is Willy Wonka's chocolate factory IRL. They have such a variety of candy and chocolate to choose from you'll walk away thinking you got the golden ticket after all.

    2. Postsweet is a subscription box that brings chocolate and treats from around the world right to your doorstep every month.

    The international box with English chocolate

    3. See's Candies offers delicious chocolate treats for any occasion. From yummy hearts for Valentine's Day, to chocolatey bunnies for Easter, you'll have an excuse to get delicious chocolate all year round!

    4. Godiva, a staple chocolatier since 1926, is still bringing us decadent treats for the people we love most.

    Truffle giftbox

    5. Mouth, yes, has an entire selection of chocolate and chocolate-themed gift boxes, but I'm here to tell you they also offer CHOCOLATE. FLAVORED. WHISKEY. GOODBYE.

    6. Shari's Berries sells (you guessed it) chocolate-covered strawberries! But that's not all, they have assorted chocolate covered strawberries for just about everything. You can even enjoy an assortment for your b-day, if cake really isn't you thing.

    7. Harry and David offers a wide variety of treats from more traditional options like their chocolate truffles to ones more ~out of the box~, like this treasure chest of treats!

    The treasure chest of an assortment of chocolates

    8. Vosges Haut Chocolat is known for drool-worthy hot chocolate as well as an assortment of limited edition chocolate gift boxes that we're incredibly ~grateful~ for.

    9. Recchiuti has (IMHO) the most photogenic hot chocolate plus customized chocolate options for both company and personal gifts!

    10. Lake Champlain Chocolates has a wide variety of delicious chocolates, including vegan and keto-friendly options, so there really is a sweet for everybody!

    11. MarieBelle is a NY-based chocolate shop that delivers a romantic assortment of chocolate ganache with nostalgic designs on each bite.

    The box of chocolates with different New York City-themed designs

    12. What Candy Says is a fabulous Etsy shop! How cool are these custom messages laid out on yummy squares of chocolate?! <3

    13. Amazon offers, among millions of other incredible things, BULK. CHOCOLATE. and at a really great price!

    14. Simply Chocolate is the perfect place to shop if you're looking for a stand-out chocolate basket or a more personal box that sends a special message with chocolate from the Simply Say It collection.

    15. From You Flowers doesn't just deliver flowers! They ship baskets of yummy chocolate too! I'm honestly so ~bitter~ I didn't know about this sooner.

    16. Candy with a Twist is a small, Black woman-owned business that specializes in customizable confectionary. Think: design your own marshmallows for hot chocolate — yep, you read that correctly.

    17. Compartes creates European-style chocolate from the heart of Los Angeles. Making delectable bars and eye-catching gift boxes filled with gourmet-designed truffles and chocolate-covered fruits, they've been a staple on the West Coast for the past 50 years.

    The gourmet truffles

    18. Williams Sonoma is known for selling amazing housewares that look exquisite and sophisticated. But the brand also sells food products, like chocolate obviously, that will entice your tastebuds.

    19. Jcoco creates eye-catching chocolate wrappings that are just as sweet as what's inside them. The brand also offers chocolate bars with unexpected flavor and ingredient combinations.

    20. Ghirardelli has been making delicious and highly-praised chocolate since 1852, so you really can't go wrong with sinking your teeth into one of their iconic squares.

    21. Dandelion Chocolate makes quality chocolate that's practically made to gift. From their gourmet boxes to their small batches, you'll be eating their creations with your eyes first.

    22. Hilliards Chocolates is a family-owned, treasured maker of artisan chocolates in New England. Since 1924, they've produced chocolates with love and care, which can still be seen in their craft creations like dreamy truffles, delicious bark, and fun seasonal treats.

    23. Bon Bon Bon, a Michigan-based business that hand-makes some of the most delicious, indulgent, and unique chocolates in the game. From extra-chocolatey flavors like Pudge Brownie to avant-garde creations like Starwberry Balsamic and Killer Cereal, they truly have a chocolate to tickle everyone's fancy.

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