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23 Pictures 90% Of People Will Never, Ever Understand

They'll never know the pain.

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Around 90% of the world is right-handed, which means that 90% of people will NEVER understand...

1. Walking around every single day MAIMED by your worst enemy...


Followed closely by its partner in terribleness, the THREE-RING BINDER.


2. Dealing with can-openers that never even GAVE you a chance:

3. And ice cream scoops that just seem to laugh in your face:

4. Not to mention every set of nets you've ever taken looking like this:

5. And the smudges:


6. Your heart sinking immediately after walking into a room like this:

7. Forever having to stake out the corner of a table to avoid bumping elbows with other people:

corner at a restaraunt

corner at a restaraunt

Or just basically bumping elbows all the time:

Enjoy my elbow!
Twitter: @AlohaNickk

Enjoy my elbow!

8. Trying and failing to use the scissors SOCIETY has provided you with:

9. And then fighting over the ONE pair of lefty scissors that apparently exists in the world:

10. Forever being betrayed by pens on strings:

11. And then having this conversation EVERY SINGLE TIME:

12. You've basically become an expert at it now:

13. Having to read tape measures upside-down:

14. Pens upside-down:

15. And, oh lord, never getting to enjoy the graphics on a mug:

16. Smudging every single white board from here to the Mighty Missip:

17. SOCIETY making you use your right hand for handshakes:

18. And SOCIETY telling you it's "weird" to wear a watch on your right hand:

19. It's just not fair.


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