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18 Reasons Why 2018 Is Already Substantially Better Than 2017

"2018 will be the year of women!!!" —CNN

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1. Mariah Carey asked for hot tea during her NYE performance and is officially the first meme of 2018!

Mariah Carey asking for hot tea during her NYE performance

2. Taco Bell is adding NACHO FRIES to their menu!

Taco Bell

3. Weed for recreational use is officially legal in California!

Highgraderoots / Getty Images

4. We now know what Jennifer Garner looks like as a man!

6. The Bachelor's back and people are throwing really funny shade at it!

How will the Bachelor ever choose which Blonde Ombre Woman to make his wIFE?????

7. Coachella announced its lineup and it's AMAZING!


8. A bunch of really great movies are now on Netflix!

Walt Disney Pictures, Beacon Pictures

National Treasure, Apollo 13, Midnight in Paris, the Godfather movies, Wedding Crashers, The Shawshank Redemption, Bring It On, the Batman movies, and many more are all available for streaming now!

9. A bunch of people in Nova Scotia banded together to save a beached whale!

CTV News / Via

11. Bruno Mars and Cardi B released their collab, "Finesse (Remix)," and it's a '90s-throwback BOP!

View this video on YouTube

12. Britney Spears chewed gum and sang at the SAME TIME!

Britney chewing gum while barely lip syncing is the level of effort I’m going to put into 2018

13. Apple's iOS 11 software has a new feature that can help you stay safe!

BuzzFeed / Crystal Ro

14. These twins were born in two different years, which is cool!!!

Maria Flores gave birth to twins born in different years. Her son Joaquín was born two minutes before the #NewYear,…

15. Khloé Kardashian appeared on Ellen to FINALLY talk about her pregnancy!

View this video on YouTube

16. I found this beautiful one-eyed cat on Instagram!

17. Doug the Pug has become everybody's new #fitspiration!

18. And finally, CNN has claimed that "2018 will be the year of women"!!!!!!!!!

I fucking hope so.
CNN / Via

I fucking hope so.

Here's to a better 2018!!!

TBS / Via

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