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    OMG, There's A Mini Harry Potter Reunion In This New TV Drama

    Riddikulus. 2018 is looking up already.

    Hello. Hi. You must all be aware by now how much Matthew Lewis from Harry Potter has well and truly Longbottomed since his wizarding days.

    Warner Bros., Joseph Sinclair/Attitude Magazine

    I think we can all agree he has blossomed into a fine young man.

    Well, this week we get to see him on our TV screens once more in a new drama called Girlfriends.

    New series #Girlfriends is on @ITV tonight at 9pm. It’s got some really big stars in it off of some of your favouri…

    And LET ME TELL YOU, you will want to see it. Mainly for this scene tbqh.


    Please notice the electronic tag on his ankle due to his character being "fresh out of prison", which means he's also playing a bad boy on the show.

    Less than 10 minutes into the show he struts into a kitchen wearing just his underwear.


    So we thought we'd share just some of the screengrabs with you.


    Here he is in acting action.


    That was excellent. Thanks, ITV.


    Naturally Harry Potter/Matt Lewis fans lost their minds a bit when they saw the scene.

    Well. Neville Longbottom from #HarryPotter has certainly grown up!! #Girlfriends #itv

    Bloody hell, it’s going to take some time before my temperature comes down after seeing @Mattdavelewis in his undies.

    Well hellllooooo Neville Longbottom 💪🏻😜 #Girlfriends @Mattdavelewis

    Watching the new series girlfriends for the simple fact that @Mattdavelewis is in it 😍😍😍 and I'm so glad I am lol half naked shot 😍😍😍😍😍

    Jesus bloody Christ, Neville Longbottom has suddenly got fit as fuck 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @Mattdavelewis #Girlfriends

    Oh, and for bonus Harry Potter enjoyment, there's also a Harry Potter reunion! Zoë Wanamaker, aka Madam Hooch, plays Neville Longbottom's mother in the series.


    This is how they last looked when they were on screen together.

    Warner Bros.

    And again, this was quite a lot for fans to handle in one evening.

    At mum and dads so watching ‘Girlfriends’...and FREAKING out over the Madam Hooch/Neville Longbottom reunion. She’s…

    Love seeing Madam Hooch and Neville Longbottom reunited in #ITVGirlfriends !! 😂@Mattdavelewis @ZoeWanamaker

    We have a pupil & a professor, are we going to get any other Harry Potter actors in next week's #Girlfriends? Maybe…

    You can watch Series 1, Episode 1 on ITV now.

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