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    32 Dresses That'll Turn Heads As You Walk Down The Street

    All eyes rightfully on you.

    1. A silky rose gown with a killer single-strap open back that confidently says, "Hi, I'm Karlie Kloss. I model AND teach girls how to code."*

    2. A starry mesh dreamboat to make 2018 your most sparkly year ever — a resolution you'll actually follow through on.

    3. A simple but daring bodyhugger with an abundance of cut outs that show a bit of skin in all the right places. 😉

    4. A knockout embellished twirler equally ready to take on the dance floor as it is a fancy cocktail party — ideally, both.

    5. A free-floating bubble-adorned shift dress that will find the nearest champagne bottle for you to pop — it's clearly a party starter, you see.

    6. A magnificent work of maxi dress art to remind you to take life one ~brushstroke~ at a time (and yes, it has pockets for your actual brushes too!).

    7. A mesh collared dress that has already mastered the whole flirty peek-a-boo scene — hellooo, date night!

    8. A glittery tulle gem to restore your faith in cheap cocktail dresses — for far too long you've been betrayed by scratchy sequins and see-through fabric, but no more!

    9. A beaded floral dream so you can feel like the fashion superhero you were always meant to be — though Edna might take issue with the caped sleeves.

    10. A classy checkered mini to-be-princess Meghan Markle luckily passed up for her first royal Christmas — lucky you, it's sure knot to be disappoint.

    11. A floral jacquard stunner with the magical ability to gracefully skim over any food babies of any size, so eat to your heart's content!

    12. A voluminous ruffled ~treat for the eyes~ that's so shy about its outside world debut, it's ~blushing~.

    13. A delicate semi-sheer mini with embroidered flowers that stick to your side for survival reasons — I mean, what did you think the reason was?

    14. A chic tassled bodycon with a deep v neckline that's actually pretty inspirational: it stands for a victorious 2018.

    15. A sweeping gem-embellished gown that will make you want to turn back the clock and redo prom and ditch the ridiculous fabric poofball you thought was sooo flattering at the time.

    16. A dazzling gold one-shoulder number made out of 24K metallic flare, baby.

    17. A subtly sparkly midi dress outfitted with a grand tulle skirt for your go-to ~off-duty ballerina~ lewk.

    18. A dapper asymmetrical silk fantasy for future Bond movies — James who? Hello, female fatale ready for action (and a well-deserved post-mission drink).

    19. A glow-in-the-dark constellation stunner on the top of many NASA employees' wishlist, or so I've heard.

    20. A sexy mesh bodycon ready to break out ALL the moves on the dance floor ALL night long — I hear its song of choice is a Rihanna classic.

    21. A striped pastel wonder to remind you of summer days spent at the boardwalk munching on a heap of cotton candy.

    22. An off-the-shoulder trumpet-sleeved statement that exudes so much class and oomph, I feel sorry for anyone who makes an entrance after you.

    23. A shimmery striped vision for when you want some color but nothing that screams "RAINBOW" in your face — think disco, but subtle.

    24. A blossoming lace swayer with bell sleeves and a scalloped neckline. In the mood for romance? Regardless of your opinion, this dress is!

    25. A black fringe spectacular worthy of a primetime TV broadcast — one day Vanna White will retire and you *will* be totally qualified to take her place.

    26. Or a completely fringed-out masterpiece with a timeless allure, no matter what the roaring 20s have to say.

    27. A sheered-out bodycon that likes to say "baby got back" a lot — who knows why??

    28. A watercolor-esque maxi with billowing sleeves that catch the perfect amount of breeze as you're strutting down the runway...or the less-glamorous leg between the subway to your office.

    29. A show-stealing sequined frock for all the Gatsby-level soirées on your social cal — so little time, so many people to impress!

    30. A sophisticated black and gold velvet beaut that stays on trend *and* looks so damn good as you're looking back and waving bye to all the haters.

    31. A semi-tailored checkered charmer for when you aren't afraid of ~ruffling~ a few (hundred) feathers — so, like, every day.

    32. A studded mesh bandage looker with attitude to spare — seriously, it really thinks it's hot shit, but can you even argue with that?

    You to your (weeping) bank account:

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