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People Are Sharing Exactly What Was Said When They Fell Out Of Love, And It's Brutal

"You're standing too close to me and people are starting to notice."

On Tuesday, writer Arabelle Sicardi asked her Twitter followers to share "sentences people have said that made you fall out of love with them." And BOY DID THEY DELIVER.

Full disclosure: Arabelle used to write for BuzzFeed.

Sicardi started the thread after having a less than inspiring convo with friend.


"It wasn't horrible but it made me want to spend time alone," she told BuzzFeed. "When I repeated it to my best friend she reminded me the person was doing the dreaded and boring thing of explaining your experience back to you as if it were a new concept, and expecting accolades for the late empathy they arrived at. And realizing that totally crushed my feelings for the person."

People definitely shared the SHITTIEST things people had ever said.

There are some real...gems out there, y'all.

Truly, some of y'all have unfortunately dated actual monsters.

People who...really don't get it.

People who are judge-y AF.

People who are maybe actually, truly shits.

And people who made half-baked fruit analogies.

Anyway, never let anybody take the Young Pope's name in vain.

And DEFINITELY don't ever date anybody who says this:

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