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18 Sex Tips That Are Actually Awesome

Seriously, your sex life *always* has room for improvement.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community how they improved their sex lives this year. Consider their answers your 2018 sex resolutions.

1. Don’t consent to sex you're not into just because it seems easier to get it over with. Period.

2. And just...don't bother having sex with anyone who doesn't turn you the fuck on and make you feel like !!!!!

3. Be a little more selfish. It'll help you get out of your head a little.

4. However many minutes of foreplay you think you need, double it.

5. Stop worrying that toys will ~replace~ a partner and incorporate them into your sex life.

6. Become a student of your sex life and take note of what turns you on the most.

7. Be open to what you can learn from new or different partners.

8. Use safe words, even if you're not doing BDSM stuff.

9. Get comfortable with your own naked body! It's never going to look perfect, especially during sex.

10. Just try out that thing you're secretly intrigued by already.

11. Or if you're not ready to jump in, do a lot of research and ask a ton of questions so you can feel more comfortable trying it.

12. Don't just speak up about what you want — speak up if you want your partner to stop doing something, too.

13. Master the basics, too.

14. Have more conversations about what you like and want *outside* the bedroom, too.

15. That said, don't take sex too seriously, otherwise it just won't be fun anymore.

16. Masturbate! And be experimental in your masturbation so you can learn new things about what you like.

17. Pay attention to your partner's nonverbal cues to learn more about what they like too.

18. And, of course, put pizza rolls in the oven before you start so that when you’re done, you have a snack.

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