33 Accessories That Will Literally Kill You With Their Cuteness

    *Explodes from cuteness*

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    1. A cheerful pair of flats to greet everyone you meet.

    2. Dreamy Snorlax pins for making your look anything but tired.

    3. And an equally snoozy fox scarf accented by whimsical wittle whiskers.

    4. A jelly coin purse that's as squishy as it is squee-worthy.

    5. A hair clip ready to sink its cute lil claws into your updo.

    6. A punny phone case featuring animals with serious attitude.

    7. A fluffy cardholder you can pull out when someone charges you for chow.

    8. A personalized beret that'll have you oui-ping at its adorableness.

    9. A wee watch decorated with a pawsitively precious poindexter.

    10. Rainbow sloth flats sure to make you wanna savor every step slowly, slowly.

    11. Marvelously mismatched earrings repping your favorite food pairings.

    12. A befuddled-looking Frenchie brooch whose cross-eyed expression makes him even cuter, IMHO.

    13. A menagerie of tights so damn darling, someone will kneed to resuscitate you.

    14. Delightful Disney sneakers to give you the happiest feet on Earth.

    15. An insulated bag that'll keep your drinks cool and your heart warm.

    16. A prim detachable collar to cute up your comfiest sweaters.

    17. A kind-eyed kitten who wants to make sure you never lose your keys again.

    18. A quirky pin starring a lovely llama (I should warn you, he's a bit of a party animal).

    19. A pair of heels that are just as cute as a button.

    20. A floral cat ear headband for adding sweetness and sparkle to any ensemble.

    21. A kawaii coin purse in the form of the galaxy's most badass princess.

    22. A freaking fabulous unicorn necklace with a unique fashion sense of its own.

    23. Heel-arious animal socks that are toe-tally irresistible.

    24. Adorkable shoe clips guaranteed to leave you singing, "break another little pixel of my heart now, baby."

    25. A pair of emoji earmuffs that are literally you in the cold.

    26. Delicate purrrl studs, which are elegant and aww-worthy all at once. Ear, ear.

    27. A charming crossbody bag that knows your Shake Shack order by heart.

    28. The eye-deal bracelet for anyone who wants to feel seen.

    29. Classic bunny slippers ready to hop to it no matter how early you have to get up in the morning.

    30. A friendly Totoro backpack who'll carry all your stuff, whether you're traveling by foot, subway, or cat bus.

    31. A unicorn or narwhal umbrella, because it's just a fact that wacky, horned creatures brighten up rainy days. Look it up.

    32. Festive flamingo sunglasses for the sparkliest selfies ever.

    33. And finally, a stunning statement bag that practically radiates good vibes.

    So sorry, goodbye, this cuteness has killed me.