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This Is Why Khloé Kardashian Waited So Long To Confirm Her Pregnancy

She opened up a lot in her first interview since announcing the news.

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Now that Khloé Kardashian has officially confirmed her pregnancy, she's wasted no time in catching us up with all the details we've been speculating over for the past few months.

So far she's shown off her bump, revealed that she's officially six months into her pregnancy, and said she'll show her pregnancy announcement on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Speaking on The Ellen Show, Khloé revealed exactly why she'd decided to keep the news to herself for so long before announcing her pregnancy just before Christmas.

The Ellen Show

While sources confirmed that Khloé was pregnant way back in September, she kept everybody guessing until 20 December, when she announced the news herself on Instagram. She explained: "I just wanted to do something myself and write something that was heartfelt from me. I've wanted to have a baby for so long and it's just perfect timing. God always has his plan and I just wanted to do it on my time and when I felt comfortable to do so."

Khloé went on to say she and boyfriend Tristan Thompson will be finding out the gender of the baby, and revealed the names she's thinking of.

The Ellen Show

Khloe said: "There's too many surprises in this whole thing that I'm definitely going to know [the gender.] If it's a boy I'll probably go with Tristan Jr, but for a girl I don't even know where to begin. I think I'll go with a K or a T name though."


And Khloé also revealed that while she and Tristan have spoken about marriage, they're in no rush to tie the knot any time soon, referencing her decision to marry ex-husband Lamar Odom after only knowing him for one month.

Khloé said: "Tristan has been super protective during my pregnancy. He's really a dream and I feel lucky. But I'm not in rush for any of that [marriage.] As you know, I have rushed quite a few things before. We talk about it for sure, but we're happy where we are."

However, when Ellen pushed her to confirm whether or not Kylie Jenner is pregnant, Khloé remained coy.

The Ellen Show

When Ellen asked why Kylie wasn't included in the family's Christmas card this year, Khloé told her: "I don't know. Maybe you should ask her – why don't you get Kylie on the show?!"

Oh, and a bonus piece of information Khloé has blessed us with this week: She'll be revealing the gender of the baby on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Twitter: @khloekardashian

The current season will end on 21 January, so either we'll have found out by then, or have to wait until the next series.

You can watch the full video here.

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