22 Ideas That Will Make You Say "Why Doesn't This Exist Everywhere?"

    Life is full of r/MildlyInteresting things.

    1. This elevator indicator that tells you when it's about to reach capacity:

    2. This toothpaste that describes in detail what the ingredients are made of, where they come from, and what they do:

    3. This coffee shop that incentivizes good environmental practices:

    4. This sign that tells people the honest truth about their taxes at work:

    5. This dog toy that has a sad version inside for when it gets ripped open:

    6. This driver who has an NES plugged in for the backseat passengers:

    7. This van that comes equipped with a Nintendo 64 hookup:

    8. This hotel checkout card that blatantly tells you to "steal the toiletries."

    9. These miniature tent displays that show exactly what you're buying:

    10. This grocery store that is mindful of its shopping cart maintenance:

    11. This calculator with a built-in chessboard:

    12. These parking lines that go up the railing:

    13. These rentable sleeping cabins at an airport:

    14. This card that has wildflower seeds in it so you can actually plant it:

    15. This knife that shows off the peaks in the Swiss Alps:

    16. This webcam cover:

    17. This sign that tells you how many steps away you are from certain retail stores:

    18. This sign that's made for deer:

    19. This label that indicates if your package was mishandled:

    20. These soaps that you can use depending on when you're eating:

    21. This bar that lets you know when the keg needs to be replaced:

    22. And finally, this ice cream doorstop at an ice cream shop:

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