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    Kristin Bell Has A New Web Series Called "Momsplaining" And It Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Pee A Little

    Some real talk for moms with a side of hilarity.

    Kristen Bell is quite possibly the world's most relatable celebrity mom. She recently went on Ellen to announce her new web series, Momsplaining, and it sounds amazing.

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    The show has a pretty simple mission: to help moms (and moms-to-be) navigate parenthood, with some laughs.

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    The show will be airing on Ellen's own streaming site, EllenTube.

    In this scene from the first episode, Kristen and fellow Bad Moms star Kathryn Hahn give an expectant mom some quality advice, like taking home all of the mesh underwear and pads from the hospital.

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    That's some REAL mom truth.

    Nervous mom-to-be Rya asked Kristen what one thing she wished she had known about having a baby.

    TheEllen Show / Via

    And Kristen gave it to her straight via a little demonstration with a rubber band...

    TheEllenShow / Via

    ...and a watermelon.

    TheEllenShow / Via

    The first three episodes are now available on EllenTube and on YouTube! YAY!

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