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High School Teachers Are Funnier And More Creative Than College Professors, And Here's The Proof

We don't deserve them.

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1. Just look at the way they take attendance.

2. At $1 per piece of duct tape, can you think of a faster way to raise money than this?

3. Don't have a ruler? Use a trash can!

4. What better way to keep students on their toes?

5. I mean, this person managed to teach chemistry and music at the same time.

6. No one is better at catching people in the act.

7. Talk about convincing you to never get your phone taken away again.

8. Who knew going to the bathroom could seem exciting?

9. Forget glitter beards! Let's do more of this!

10. This almost makes math bearable...almost.

11. No one wants to see your pesky PDA!

12. That's one way to get them to pay attention.

13. Calling them out works too.

14. Betcha they'll study next time.

15. Who knew homework could be this interesting?

16. Everyone wins, right?

17. And, even when they're not there, they're winning. #shrubstitutes

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