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This Girl's Dad Has Created The Best DIY Drinking And Painting Tutorial

"This whole situation is caused because your wife doesn't want regular paint, she wants the fancy suede paint."

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This is 14-year-old Emma Kitchen and her father, Mike. They live in New Philadelphia, Ohio.


About two years ago, the Kitchens built and then moved into a new house. Recently, Emma's dad decided to expand the basement into a bar area. "My dad's a really handy guy so he helped build most of the bar by hand," Emma told BuzzFeed News.


This past weekend, Mike began painting the basement area and, on a whim, he called on Emma to bring her phone downstairs so he could make an "informative video" about the process. The video is all about painting, drinking alcohol and Pitbull's song Fireball, which is playing in the background (he was downing Fireball whisky, obviously).

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"The trick to doing this is having a basement refrigerator with a freezer in it," says Mike in the video. He also recommends taking the white cap off a Fireball bottle for easier drinking.

"This whole situation is caused because your wife doesn't want regular paint, she wants the fancy suede paint. So you might as well have fun while you're doing it, gentlemen."

While Mike's video is available on a new YouTube channel, Emma tweeted out the tutorial as well (and that's when it really took off). "It went so crazy," said Emma. "He loves to embarrass me so this whole thing was great for him."

so today my dad came upstairs in a cold sweat and told me to come downstairs w my phone because he wanted to film a…

So far the two-minute clip has over two million views and 38,000 retweets. Seems like Mike is on to a winner. People were very impressed with Mike's tutorial...

I nominate Emma’s dad for president

he’s not like a regular dad, he’s a cool dad right Emma?

The fact that she isn’t laughing the whole time he does this leads me to believe this happens a lot. What a king.

i was actually wheezing from laughing while i watched this

He’s like a drunk Bob Ross 😂

Dad: come downstairs with your phone You: oh shit oh shit oh shit Dad:

And some even posted their own dads trying out some drunken-handiwork.

@_emmakitchen Drinks were involved lol

"A lot of people really like his goofiness," said Emma. "It's overall been a really good experience, except it's encouraging him to keep dancing like that around the house."

i don’t think i really have to mention this but uhh he was 100% not sober during the making of the video 😂

Mike already has another video out on his YouTube channel called "Party Painter." He says there's more to come.