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    35 Hats That Absolutely Belong On Your Head

    Leave no head uncovered in 2018.

    1. A beanie with pom-pom ears for being your own furry friend this winter.

    2. A daisy-covered beret to remind you of upcoming spring days.

    3. A wide-brimmed wool hat for looking like the fashion icon you know you are.

    4. A beanie with an embroidered patch that tells off cat callers so you don't have to.

    5. A reliable Carhartt beanie guaranteed to keep your noggin warm.

    6. A knit cap with a fuzzy lining for staying warm but stylish.

    7. A hot pink trapper hat to look like a full-fledged Muppet hunter.

    8. A vintage-style cloche hat for people who wear gloves even when it's not cold out.

    9. A quirky beret that will be an eye-deal addition to your outfit.

    10. An oversized floppy hat for blocking out the sun and anyone who might try to bother you while you're relaxing.

    11. A baseball hat that shows your dedication to one of the best foods out there: ramen!

    12. A navy baker boy hat for fans of Fieval's style in An American Tail.

    13. A wide brim felt hat to make you look pulled together even on days you're definitely not.

    14. A charming beanie with a little velvet bow on top for a touch of cutesy flair even on colder days.

    15. A sequin-covered beret you'll really take a shine to.

    16. A beanie with jeweled ears that's the cat's meow.

    17. A felt boater hat with a leopard print trim for feline like the most fashionable person in the room.

    18. A wool beanie because everyone needs more stuff with Frenchies on it.

    19. A thorny beret that says "do not fuck with me today."

    20. A beanie with a hole in the back so you can show off your ponytail and keep your head warm at the same time.

    21. A wool felt hat with the moon cycle stitched on the side that will really turn the tide on your wardrobe.

    22. A classic floppy hat with bow for your next tropical vacay.

    23. A bedazzled beanie that's a real gem.

    24. A faux fur trapper hat so fuzzy, there's no way you won't be warm wearing it.

    25. A knit beanie that will generously hide your hair when your 'do is being uncooperative.

    26. A retro felt hat with a floral trim you can tell people you got from a time machine.

    27. A wide-brimmed hat for making every day feel like a Western.

    28. A knit beanie sporting lil' ears that you'll want to fauna over.

    29. A Kermit baseball cap to lower over your face while spilling some tea.

    30. A knit beanie with a multi-colored pom-pom that will keep you warm, and more importantly, cute.

    31. An embroidered floral beanie for a burst of blooming life in this winter tundra.

    32. A floppy hat with tassel trim you can see yourself going to a lot of farmer's markets in.

    33. A Bluetooth-compatible beanie so you cans listen to tunes without tangling your headphones wires in your scarf.

    34. A floppy hat with an embroidered floral design that will leaf people speechless.

    35. A stylish five-panel hat for exuding California skater vibes even if you don't have the balance or easy-going attitude to actually be a California skater.

    There are no cats in America, but there are plenty of hats.