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31 Mega Sad Bollywood Movies Rated According To Their Tear-Jerkiness Level

In case you can't decide how much to cry, whether it be alone, in a cinema, or with your friends.

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2. Masoom

Bombino Video

You feel empathy towards Rahul because it isn't for any fault of his that he is unnecessarily ill-treated by Indu. But, it is in the end, when Indu intercepts him on his way to the boarding school and accepts him as his son, you blow your nose on your sleeve.

3. Chak De India!


When Kabir is ousted out of his community upon being unjustly deemed a traitor, and when he is redeemed when his team wins the World Cup, are scenes that made you wish you had carried a hanky to the theatre.


4. Bajraangi Bhaijaan


When Munni cries out "Mama!" and runs towards Pawan in the final scene. ALL THE FEELS.

5. Lootera

Balaji Motion Pictures

When Varun was unable to evade the police the one time it counted and was shot— you lost all hope. But, when a dying Pakhi realises that Varun never wanted her to lose hope, after she finds a painted leaf on the wilting tree, made you so bloody weepy.

6. Pinjar

Eagle Entertainment

Poor Puro and Rashid, caught between the demands of two dysfunctional families around the time of India's partition, make you feel for their internal struggles. However, their reunion and eventual acceptance of each other, makes you breathe a sigh of relief.


10. Kapoor And Sons

Dharma Productions

That scene when Alia Bhatt regrets not being able to tell her parents a proper goodbye takes the cake. Not to mention Harsh Kapoor's sudden death in the car accident. I mean, all grandpa Kapoor wanted was a family picture!


12. Highway

Nadiawala Grandsons Entertainment

This isn't just your typical story about Stockholm Syndrome. By the time you realize how dark and twisted Veera's seemingly perfect life was, and thus, understand her reaction towards Mahabir's death, you've lost hope in humanity.

13. Dil Se..

Eros International

Stupid Amar and his fascination with Meghna. Can love really drive you that crazy? Internally though, you're just screaming at Meghna the entire time to give up her plans and join Amar.

14. Masaan

Drishyam Films

Just a big mess of injustice. Deepak losing the love of his life and his purpose to fight the casteist society. Devi being subjected to taboos just because she had pre-marital sex. And her father who resorts to betting on underage divers to accrue money to pay off Devi's blackmailers. Take your pick to cry to.


16. Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan Productions

Damn you Ishaan for that puppy face. And damn you more, Ishaan's dad, for being a POS. Had it not been for Nikumbh Sir saving the day, I would've killed myself.


20. Waqt: The Race Against Time

Eros Entertainment

All the while Ishwarchand hides his true, well-meaning intentions from Aditya when he is slowly dying. And then this for the climax? Take my money and gimme some Kleenex.


24. Pink

Rashmi Sharma

The scene where Falak breaks down and screams against society's regressive views about women, is enough to make even the most cold-hearted cry out loud.


25. Neerja