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    36 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Parents

    Here's to spreading love and positivity to the very people who made you who you are!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of engraved monogrammed wine glasses to help your parents host their next dinner party. Wine mom say what?

    2. A wooden plaque that'll show how much your mom and dad means to you on the national day of lurve.

    3. A delicate, stackable ring so your parent will never forget any of your siblings' names ever again.

    4. A deluxe baking set to encourage the two of you to spend some quality time making delicious pastries.

    5. A touching pillow, because your parents absolutely adore when you decide to be all sentimental.

    6. A mama bear mug your mom can show off to the whole office or to any friends you bring home so they know she'll attack if anyone dare hurts her baby.

    7. A generational birthstone necklace to give your grams or your mom who just turned into a granny that'll remind her of why she loves to bake cookies in the first place.

    8. A simple card so you can reassure your mom that even though you're a grown-ass adult, her advice and general (loving) nosiness is always needed.

    9. A set of instant photo coasters to place their most precious moments on the end table where everyone can see.

    10. A statement mug and amazing print that'll show the power of black fatherhood. Your pops deserves it.

    11. An organic chocolate subscription box, because your parents have a sweet tooth and this here has an array of delectable flavors like Turkish coffee and lemon coconut cream. You may have to take some for yourself!

    12. An iPhone case so impressive, all the other moms will be asking yours where she got it and will harass their kids to find it on the interwebs for them.

    13. A set of 18-karat gold cufflinks with initials for the dapper parent who loves a good semi-formal event where they can have an abundance of champagne and conversation.

    14. A tender print you and your siblings can gift to your mom, aunt, or other maternal figure in your life, because she's literally the queen of all things.

    15. An embroidered apron with a customizable name so your culinary genius of a parent won't ruin their clothes while concocting their famous gnocchi.

    16. A doggie print and mugs that'll be super touching for all the dog moms who love their animals as much as they do their own children.

    17. A moving mother and son figurine, because being a mama's boy isn't a bad thing, plus it'll make her cry tears of joy.

    18. A box of Charbonnel et Walker crèmes Parisiennes (fruit-flavored fondant) for the parent who gave you your sweet tooth in the first place. What's Valentine's Day without candy?

    19. A batch of handmade pears your sentimental mom should place right in her china cabinet as proof that you are, in fact, the best gift giver of all her children.

    20. A gold tone, monogrammed money clip that'll keep all of your dad's big bucks in one place since he just insists on paying in cash.

    21. A simple keychain your dad can carry around with him. It states two very important facts he needs to remember at all times. He might even tear up a little!

    22. A stylish passport holder and travel wallet for the parent who keeps on forgetting their ID when you guys go on family vacations.

    23. A colorful print that'll finally prove to your mom that you're actually the same person. She'll be absolutely tickled.

    24. A container of Shea Moisture coconut oil, since your mother has been telling you to keep your dry skin moisturized and she hasn't been following her own advice.

    25. An engraved trinity ring necklace made out of sterling silver so your mom can keep all the love close to her heart.

    26. A phone clip to attach their phone onto the car vent, because they've just gotten a handle on the whole Google Maps thing, but still need help multitasking.

    27. A charming dad joke book so your father, uncle, gramps, and other parental figures understand that their corny jokes are actually a light in your life.

    28. A wooden jewelry box that'll store your parent's watches, earrings, and other precious things you bought them during the holidays.

    29. A Hershel water-resistant duffle bag for the parent who's always traveling to foreign lands and making you jealous because you're an adult with actual responsibilities now.

    30. A bottle of Mario Badescu Facial Spray with herbal extracts and rosewater to refresh and hydrate really tight and dry skin because you've just gotten your mom into skincare and you don't wanna overwhelm her with too many products.

    31. A personalized love tumbler mom or dad can carry their drinks around while they're out running errands and whatever else.

    32. A clever eyeglass holder they can use to place the only tool that's helping them reading the fine print on nutrition labels and preventing them from bumping into walls. Here's to hoping you turn out to be just like them when you grow up.

    33. A pack of sparkling stud earrings for the mom who always loses their hoops and likes shiny-ass colors. Plus every hue represents a different message (good luck, healing, success, and protection), which means they'll always know you're thinking of them. How cute.

    34. A copy of the Tasty Cookbook so your mom or dad can learn some new and trendy recipes they saw on Facebook that one time, but didn't think to save the link.

    35. A bath bomb, because it's been forever since your mom has taken a nice, long bubble bath and a glass of wine. This will be an incentive!

    36. And a touching journal you can fill out and give to your mom or dad to let them know just how much you adore them. Isn't that what Valentine's Day is about?

    This is exactly how your parents will react when you give them your gifts!

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