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The Kardashians Are Teasing The Hell Out Of Kylie's Pregnancy In This New Trailer

A two-night event?! With lots of surprises?!

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You are probably aware, since this saga has been ongoing for what feels like years, that three out of the five Kardashian/Jenner sisters are currently expecting babies.

While Kim and Khloé Kardashian have confirmed their baby news, Kylie Jenner has kept schtum over the fact that she, too, is expecting her first child.

As a result, we have all been speculating for months over precisely when and how Kylie will choose to confirm the news.

People have suggested a range of ideas, from Kylie unveiling herself Beyoncé style with a pregnancy photo shoot and gender reveal, to the news being confirmed on the family's annual Christmas card.

But when she didn't appear on the Christmas card, people even began speculating that Kylie has already had the baby, and that the people on the card looking away from the camera were actually looking at Kylie and her newborn.

What are they looking at... they're looking at something... or someone! 👀 tomorrow is the day kylie is either in a…


Now, we know that Khloé's pregnancy announcement will feature on the show, so it seems pretty likely that one of the episodes will be devoted at least in part to that.


Especially because they've included this scene in the trailer, which we suggested a couple of weeks ago was her pregnancy announcement.

But of course, people are wondering whether the double episode means that Kylie's news will finally be delivered to the world as well.

kuwtk needs 2 nights to announce big news? kylie is sooo fuckin pregnant

i’m so pumped for this kuwtk episode #is #kylie #pregnant


If I don’t find out Kylie is pregnant on Sunday after watching keeping up with the kardashians I’m gonna be so upset

if this 2day event of kuwtk doesn’t reveal kylie’s pregnancy, i think i might just have to sue for playin w my ment…

I think the season finale of KUWTK is where they’ll reveal Kylie’s pregnancy.

Can we talk about the promo for the 2 night KUWTK event? Kylie's reveal?


You can watch the full trailer here.

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