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Jan 9, 2018

Can You Recognise The Popular Movie From Just One Character?

From Mean Girls to Pulp Fiction.

  1. 1. Which movie is this girl from?

    Warner Bros.
  2. 2. Which film features this character?

    Gramercy Pictures
  3. 3. Which movie features this Steve Buscemi character?

    United Artists
  4. 4. Which movie features this Jake Gyllenhaal character?

    Newmarket Films
  5. 5. Which film is this character from?

    Miramax Films
  6. 6. Which film features this character?

    Warner Bros.
  7. 7. Which movie features this guy?

    Universal Pictures
  8. 8. Which movie is this Kate Winslet still from?

    Focus Features
  9. 9. Which movie is this guy from?

    Good Machine Releasing
  10. 10. Which film features Colin Farrell playing this character?

    Focus Features
  11. 11. Which movie is this character from?

    Roadshow Film Distributors
  12. 12. Which teen classic features this character?

    Paramount Pictures
  13. 13. Which movie are these kids from?

    Universal Pictures
  14. 14. Which movie features this character?

    20th Century Fox
  15. 15. Which infamous movie is this character from?

    Chloe Productions

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