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A Boyfriend Surprised His Girlfriend By Drawing Them As A Couple In 10 Different Cartoon Styles

Best. Present. Ever.

This past holiday, sketch artist Kells O'Hickey opted for a super creative gift for his girlfriend, using his god-given talent.

He told BuzzFeed, "I had drawn a few pictures of Lindsay and I in Futurama and Adventure Time styles previously, and her reaction had given me an idea — I should draw us in my interpretation of the styles of all the shows we've watched.

1. Like The Simpsons.

2. Bob's Burgers.

3. And how about this black-and-white, old-school style?

4. Then there's Rick and Morty.

5. And Family Guy.

6. He didn't forget South Park!

7. Then there's the couple — Adventure Time–style.

8. Steven Universe.

9. He even drew himself and Lindsay like Dragon Ball Z.

10. And threw in this beautiful version of them as a modern-day, Disney-like couple for good measure. Lovely!

Nailed it, Kells! You're gonna have a tough time outdoing this one, buddy.

When Lindsay saw her gift, she spent 30 minutes carefully looking through her drawings before telling him: "I love you to the moon and back." Perfect!