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17 Reasons Shower People Are Right And Bath People Are Wrong

No matter how many bath bombs you throw in a vat of lukewarm water, you're still sitting in a stew of your own dirt.

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5. People who love baths are obsessed with telling you how great baths are.

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"Omg, I had a bath last night, it was amazing." OK, Karen, I clean myself too, you don't see me boasting about it.


11. While we're at it, bath bombs are a fucking nuisance as well.

Today I tried a bath bomb for the first time (shut up). Can't say it produced the most appealing bath in the world...

They're being taken way too far.


15. Sure, baths may be pretty relaxing, but the amount of bath bombs, oils, and candles you have to buy in the name of relaxation is way too much money and effort.