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    Posted on Jan 9, 2018

    21 Tweets For Anyone That Has A Sister

    "Mood: picking up my drunk sister from a party and her seeing that i was wearing her pajama pants which caused her to hysterically cry and tell me how much she loves me."

    1. Sisters: One sec they're stealing all your shit, the next sec they're taking you on a date to the movies.

    2. One sec you think you're in trouble for wearing her pajamas, the next, she's drunkenly crying all over you.

    mood: picking up my drunk sister from a party and her seeing that i was wearing her pajama pants which caused her t…

    3. You never can tell.

    it’s so fun having a sister cuz i could literally clock that bitch in the face and she will still be my best friend 3 mins later

    4. They will definitely *check* you.

    me: *does a half cut crease with lashes* my sister: where are you going? me: the living room

    5. Sometimes sisters can be ... surprisingly relatable.

    i asked my 8 yr old sister what she wanted to b when she grew up & she said “i actually dnt wanna b anything”. & wh…

    6. And just...savage.

    7. Really savage.

    My sister took going to jail badly. Spat at everyone. Refused food and drink. Smeared shit on the walls. We never played Monopoly again.

    8. But it really goes both ways, you know.

    How to wrap a gift for your annoying little sister. 😂

    9. Sometimes it's like they have superpowers.

    "I texted this boy I like but I used a semi-colon as a power move and I think I scared him off" - my sister, 25

    10. They definitely have their priorities straight.

    Just remembered a time my sister was being rushed to hospital and she whisperered to me “oi take a snap of me”

    11. They say what you're thinking.

    my 7 year old sister just blurted out “we all hate trump, right?” at the family dinner table! stir the pot sis!

    12. They're often mysterious and confounding.

    Every time my sister comes home from uni, she sleeps for 2 days before she talks to anyone. What is she doing in that place

    13. Both infuriating...

    If I see my sister on social media tonight , imma have to drive to UCLA and square up with her cuz she ignorin my texts

    14. ...And surprisingly sensitive.

    Few days back, my little sister killed a cockroach and I told her that maybe he was going back to his home after a…

    15. Honestly their rudeness is almost...inspiring.

    My little sister is so rude!! She is watching a film and my mum walks in on the phone with someone from Nigeria.…

    16. Sure, they've got a lot of opinions.

    I go to watch the video for Gucci Gang and I receive these texts from my sister next door.

    17. And sometimes they can be pretty selfish.

    My sister is in the Middle East and a man just offered her 100 camels in exchange for marriage. Honestly she's bei…

    18. And kinda harsh.

    actual conversation with my 12 year old sister: *digging in my suitcase* sis: whatcha lookin for? a life? sorry…

    19. But don't try and get anything by 'em.

    *my eighth grade sister talking about her boyfriend* “when he doesn’t snapchat me back, I check his snap score to m…

    20. And if you know what's best, you better leave 'em alone, or we'll come for you.


    21. Sorry, these are the rules.

    I can make fun of my sister all I want but at the end of the day THAT IS MY LITTLE SISTER AND YOU CAN’T MESS WIT HER OR YOU MESS WIT ME

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