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    17 Filipino Habits We Should All Leave In 2017

    New year, new me, 'di ba?

    1. Filipino time!!!

    Twitter: @vivatvchannel

    Yah, it's funny on memes, but not everyone likes wasting their time, Janet.

    2. Commenting on other people's weight.

    Twitter: @IAmFireWall

    You'll never know what you may be triggering through your seemingly harmless comments. I mean, c'mon guys, it's 2018. Find something more interesting as conversation starters.

    3. Calling a man "bakla" when he cries or shows literally any bit of emotion.

    Cong TV

    For one, implies that crying is unacceptable in the nonexistent book of "macho men." And two, it insinuates that being gay is, then, unacceptable, which, like, doesn't make sense in decent-human-being speak, I'm sorry.

    4. Calling a man "bakla" when he hits girls.

    Twitter: @paolommendoza

    See number 3.

    5. Letting parents get their way just because "magulang ako, anak ka lang."

    Twitter: @selfloathang

    We love you po, but just because we want to live our lives the way we want to doesn't mean we don't respect you. A lot of us suffer from mental stress for going through the conflicting desire to live our lives the way we want to and not to disappoint you at the same time.

    6. Parents being strict AF even if you're already 18 and above.

    Star Cinema

    I mean, I get it: you care a lot about us, but if you believe you raised a smart child, then you probably should trust that we can take good care of ourselves by now. It also doesn't mean na wala kaming utang na loob.

    7. Distant relatives telling us what to do with our lives (i.e. mag-asawa ka na!)

    Star Cinema

    Uhhhmm, FIRST OF ALL BINCHHHH who r u?

    8. 'Yung gagawin kang ninong/ninang kahit hindi mo naman kilala.

    9. And getting someone to be their baby's ninong/ninang "kasi mayaman."

    Twitter: @bonjinglebells

    The godparents' role is to help parents guide the children through life, and yes it may involve money, pero wag mo naman pagkakitaan, bes. Kaloka ka.

    10. Thinking that OFWs are rich as fuck.

    Twitter: @YourDubai

    Tapos magtatampo pag di naibigay 'yung gustong luho. STOP IT.

    11. Forcing kids to do things they don't want to do just so the adults can be entertained during family reunions.

    ma: anak picturan kita me: ayaw ko ma ma: isa lang me: nakakahiya ma ma: MASASAMPIGA KITA SINABE NANG ISA LANG E me:

    Kung ayaw mag-baby shark nung bata, wag pilitin.

    12. Shoving Christianity/Catholicism down people's throats.

    Reality Entertainment

    Some of us are Agnostic, Brenda, and that's okay.

    13. Elitist culture.

    Universal Pictures

    I mean, I'm very sorry the transport strike attended by jeepney drivers who only want to earn a little more made you stay a bit longer in traffic while you're sitting in your own car.

    14. Thinking that having fairer skin is beautiful and vice versa.

    Ano 'to, 1950s???? Let your tropical ass shine, bih!

    15. The stigma on mental illness.

    may kakilala ako nagsabing depression is "just in the head" & "dasal lang kailangan". yun rin sinabi ko sa kanya nung nagka-trangkaso siya.

    Mental illness is a topic with a lot of layers, but probably the most important thing is to recognize that it's real.

    16. Tolerating rape culture.

    Everytime someone says, "OA mo. Ganyan lang talaga mga lalaki," a kitten gets punched in the face. Why would you do that to a kitten? Why? WHY?????

    17. And finally, hating on our own country for how fucked up it is, but never making an effort to change ourselves.

    Star Cinema

    Change is coming? How about let the change come from you? Hmm?