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    Someone Tried To Troll Oprah On Instagram And She Dragged Them For Miles

    Owned! See what I did there?

    So yesterday, Oprah shared a clip on her Instagram of the CBS Sunday Morning conversation she had with women of Hollywood about #TimesUp.

    The post had barely been up for a few minutes when, in a now-deleted comment, Instagram user @aubrey.grace wrote, "I don't like you."

    Well sweeties, Oprah wasn't having a single bit of that because SHE 👏 CLAPPED 👏 BACK 👏 !

    *mic drop*

    Now, @aubrey.grace continued to troll Oprah...

    ...but she just continued to do what she does best: inspire others.

    As for our troll, things apparently got too hot in the kitchen because they were forced to make their account private with a very unique "About Me."

    Don't come for Oprah.