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    We Had A Teen And An Adult Pick Out Date Night Outfits For Each Other

    Don't be afraid to try new things.

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    In this latest 17 vs. 27 episode, we tackled finding an outfit perfect for a date out on the town with your boo.


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    Ella is 27 years old, and agreed to pick out an outfit for 17-year-old Dronme, and vice-versa.


    Dronme described her style as bohemian. She also mostly wears chunky heels.


    Her ideal date is doing something outside, like walking around in a park.

    On the flip side, Ella lives with her girlfriend, but said she likes to step up her fashion game when they go out on the town to keep the spark alive.


    "I've been wearing the same clothes since high school. Now that I'm 27, I really need to get it together and actually have some kind of external identity.

    They had 20 minutes and Forever 21 all to themselves to pick out the perfect date outfit for each other.


    Jazzmyne threatened to show up 10 minutes before their time was up to present them with a little challenge. Muah-ha-ha.

    Dronme's game plan was to look for the pants first.


    "What would Harry Styles wear on a date night, if he was a 27-year-old girl?"

    Ella immediately went for some flared, bohemian-type pants that she thought had Dronme's name written all over it.


    They were perfect.

    As promised, Jazzmyne showed up 10 minutes before their time was up to throw them a little curveball.


    They had to add shoes to their outfits. Phew, they were both still on track. Nice try, Jazz.

    Time! After Dronme had a mini meltdown while trying to complete Ella's outfit, the pair were ready for the big reveal.


    Ella knocked it outta the park with Dronme's flared pants and denim jacket.


    Dronme loved the combination of textures and color, and she loved the sweater and pants, too!

    On to Ella, who also loved her outfit, especially the jacket that kind of went with her hair. Cool!


    She said she was pleasantly surprised with the threads Dronme picked out for her. Success!

    Nailed it, ladies. Have fun on your dates!


    Love, Jazzmyne