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    Jan 14, 2018

    21 Tweets About Marriage That Have Nothing In Common Except For Being Painfully Accurate

    "Until death do us part, or until I murder you for being an idiot." —My wedding vows, probably.

    1. This reminder of the ranks.

    2. This truth bomb.

    3. This powerless princess.

    4. This ultimate hip-hop team.

    5. This constant interruption.

    6. This unbelievable sacrifice.


    8. This fast learner.

    9. This confused chef.

    10. This aggressive chewer.

    11. This sext (?), I guess.

    12. This alarm clock.

    13. This sexy-time surprise.

    14. This handy helper.

    15. This trip to the orthopedic doctor.

    16. This example of true love.

    17. This terrible game of Family Feud.

    18. This genuine miracle.

    19. This relatable battle.

    20. This garbage war.

    21. And, of course, this genuinely genius piece of advice.

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