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19 Baby Item Transformations That'll Make You Want To Sleep With Your Glue Gun

Because they don't stay babies forever.

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2. Give your changing table the ultimate change by turning it into a sweet and stylish beverage stand:

Twelve O Eight / Via

Whether you go full bar cart or keep it PG with non-alcoholic bevs, this redone piece is made to stand out. Find the DIY at Twelve O Eight.


4. Turn an old baby lotion bottle into an incredibly useful holder for charging your cell phone.

Make It & Love It / Via

You can use other types of bottles, but baby lotion bottles work best for their width and flatness. Learn how to make this cool transformation at Make It & Love It.

5. Did your kiddo outgrow their favorite lovey? Transform it into a stuffed animal purse they'll adore for years to come:

Over the Apple Tree / Via

Don't say goodbye to "Hoppy" just yet. Make your kiddo this accessory that's both fashionable and sentimental. Get tips to make yours at Over the Apple Tree.


8. Oh, and it turns out those old baby food jars make pretty good DIY spice containers, too.

Unsophisticook / Via

Use chalkboard paint and chalk to label the tops, and you've got a simple and functional organization hack. Find tips to make them at Unsophisticook.


14. Looking for a creative way to upcycle your baby's old clothes? Use parts of them to make an activity book for your toddler:

Forty Two Roads / Via

Include all buttons, snaps, and zippers to provide a fun learning opportunity for your little one. Get inspiration for your baby clothes activity book at Forty Two Roads.

15. Accentuate your baby's new big kid room with these crib bumpers turned window valences:

The Homes I Have Made / Via

A super-cute way to update the room while keeping within your decor scheme. Get the step-by-step sewing tutorial at The Homes I Have Made.


17. Give your baby wipes container a new purpose by making it into a "Feed the Monster" fine motor activity game for your kiddo:

Powerful Mothering / Via

Give your toddler buttons, pom-poms, bottle caps, etc... (but please supervise!) to feed their monster friend, and watch as they develop solid fine motor skills. Learn how to make this adorable game at Powerful Mothering.

18. Make old baby onesies (and their snaps!) into super-handy reusable snack bags:

Born Imaginative / Via

No more Ziplocs for you! These environmentally-friendly snack bags are cute, functional, and totally washable. Learn how to make them at Born Imaginative.

19. And give your baby's crib new life (literally) by transforming it into a totally boss dog crate (say what?!):

My Repurposed Life / Via

Add a plush, comfy blanket and some chew toys, and Fido will be living the good life. And why shouldn't he? He's your baby, too! Find the full tutorial at My Repurposed Life.