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23 Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Drama Of Read Receipts

"Read receipts are proof that God exists, and he hates us."

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1. To some, not having read receipts on is crazy:

I don’t want to sound like a psycho but why the fuck have you turned off your read receipts??

2. And to others, having them on is even worse:

Person: *has read receipts on their iphone* Me: what up you Jeffery Dahmer ass mofucker? Ted Bundy ass psychopath!

3. But let's be honest, having them on takes courage:

Imagine having the self-confidence to turn on read receipts.

4. Read receipts can make or break a relationship:

I don’t think I could ever date someone who has their read receipts switched off. I don’t think my heart could take…

5. Honestly, they make dating even more of a rollercoaster:

My boyfriend just got mad at me and threatened to turn on read receipts

6. Switching on read receipts is the ultimate sign of commitment:

If I turn “send read receipts” on, you won lul baby like yu catching all this faithfulness 🧡🤗😂

7. Some people even want read receipts for their emails:

I wish emails had read receipts so I could know if my professor is ghosting me or not

8. Read receipts can be the ultimate "fuck you":

hey can u resend ur text again so I can turn on my read receipts to let u know than i have read ur message and I’m ignoring u thanks nerd

9. But can backfire just as quickly:

100% of Britons have once died because they tapped the top of their screen at the exact same moment a text message…

10. Being on the receiving end of a "read at" message is actually the worst:

I feel like read receipts on texts should turn into middle finger emojis if left unanswered for 20 minutes or more.🤳🖕🏻

11. Having them off may get you some serious hate:

Goodmorning to everyone except people who have their read receipts off

12. But having them on may come at a cost:

Turning on my read receipts has made me one of these people

13. Turning on read receipts requires a willingness to improve:

turned my read receipts on as a New Years resolution to stop being a piece of shit and actually respond to ppl inst…

14. To some, having read receipts on deserves a reward:

People should get a tax reduction for having read-receipts turned on.

15. And to others, they're their own reward:

Ever turn your read receipts on just to leave a dick on read? Cause I do it all the time #kingofpettiness

16. Read receipts were sent from above:

Read receipts are proof that God exists, and he hates us.

17. Look out, Season 5:

Concept: a Black Mirror episode where you’re friends with someone who uses read receipts

18. Read receipt drama creates family drama:

my dad turned his Read Recipts off and i'm offended.

19. But also requires a tremendous amount of patience:

read recipts really bring out the entitlement in ppl @ "my"

20. Some people see read receipts as a sign of trust:

Never trust someone who doesn't send read recipts

21. And others use them as a weapon:

"Ash why'd you turn your read recipts on?" Bc you pissed me off and I wanted you to know I was ignoring you! 😊

22. They say love can conquer all, but not read receipts:

I’ll forgive many things in a relationship but if you turn off your read receipts so help me god

23. And finally, to some, read receipts are all they have:

y’all gettin’ engaged... im gettin read receipts.

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