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    Here's A Deleted Scene From "It" That Deserves Its Own Award For Creepiness


    If you were one of the MANY people who saw It last year, then I probably don't need to remind you that the film was a) creepy AF and b) really fucking good.

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    However, it turns out there was a scene that was even more messed up than what we saw in the theatrical release. I know, I know — how could it be MORE messed up, right? Just wait.

    So, remember how town bully Henry Bowers killed his father?

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    After catching his son playing with his gun, Mr. Bowers takes the gun back, literally shoots at his son's feet, and then bullies him. Later, Henry becomes entranced by Derry's evilness/Pennywise and proceeds to cut his father's throat — all while a children's TV show host repeatedly shouts, "Kill him!"

    Well, in a deleted scene, we now know that Henry went even further than killing his dad and cut his friends Belch and Victor's throats, too. Check it out here:

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    This deleted scene is a part of the special features in the upcoming Blu-ray release for It (which has already come out in Australia).

    And this small but impactful storyline helps explain why Henry showed up looking ~extra~ bloody near the end of the film.

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    And it adds to the creepiness of his descent into madness.

    Ugh, this movie has so many dark layers and this deleted scene is a perfect reminder of how ~bloody~ excited we are to see Chapter Two. (2019 can't get here soon enough!)

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    It is currently streaming on Amazon and iTunes, or you can pre-order the Blu-Ray for $24.99 on Amazon, which will be released on Jan. 9, 2018.

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