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39 Things That Literally Only Happen To Girls Shorter Than 5'1"

Yes I know I'm short, no you can't use me as an armrest, yes the weather is fine down here.

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1. People constantly feel the need to comment on your height, as though you’ve never noticed you’re on the shorter side. 

2. And it’s truly amazing how many people think it’s fine to literally pick you up.

3. The adjectives used to describe you range from “tiny” to “cute”.

4. And so many conversations start with “how’s the weather down there?” or “what’s the world look like from your point of view?”.

5. Lining up at busy bars is a nightmare.

6. As is any crowded moshpit/concert situation.

7. And yes, the “shallow” end of the pool is usually just the deep end for you anyway.

8. If you don’t get a seat or stand next to a pole on a bus or train, you’re doomed, because the handles attached to the roof aren’t exactly in comfortable reaching distance.

9. And if you do nab a seat, you often feel like a child in the instances where your feet don’t touch the ground.

10. You’re also now resigned to the fact that when you go see a movie in a cinema, your feet just constantly dangle.

11. You’ve met more than your fair share of armpits.

12. And accidental elbows to the head in busy locations.

13. Oh yeah, and the whole people using you as an armrest thing? It gets old really fast.

14. Like, the joke stopped being funny when you were 11.

15. In fact you probably haven’t even grown that much since you were 11.

16. You get used to just talking to people’s chest region.
17. And craning your neck up constantly to look someone in the eye.

18. You’ve become particularly skilled at navigating grocery store shelves and high-reaching cupboards at home.

19. In fact, you probably own The Chair or The Stool that helps you reach things around the house.

20. Driving when the sun is beaming down on you is a nightmare, because normally the visor does shit all for your vision.

21. You’re constantly teased for how close you have to sit to the steering wheel.

22. Or worse, you're warned that it’s actually very dangerous to sit that close to the wheel. But you can't help it?!

23. In some restaurants it’s easy to feel like a child when the tables are exceptionally tall.

24. If you’re trying to climb onto a bar stool, people often think it’s hilarious to say witty things like, “Need help getting up there?”

25. Finding jeans that fit is a nightmare.

26. As is shopping for any longer skirt or dress.

27. Basically any clothing item always needs to be taken up or altered.

28. And some shirts will just look like dresses.

29. Taking selfies with your taller friends can be difficult.

30. As is any photo with a taller significant other.

31. You always have to be at the front of group photos.

32. Which really gives you flashbacks to primary school photos and the teacher yelling “SHORT PEOPLE TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE!”

33. Shower heads that are placed really high up aggravate you to no end.

34. Nothing fires you up more than the phrase “Oh wow, didn’t see you there!”


36. If something makes you mad, and someone says “you’re so cute when you’re mad!”, it’s only guaranteed to piss you off more.

37. Some bathroom mirrors are just not kind to you at all.

38. In fact, you're lucky if you can even see your forehead.

39. But on the plus side, as you get older, people still assume you're younger than you are due to your height.