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19 Pictures From '08 That'll Make You Say, "We Used To Wear THAT?!"


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2. And if your flared jeans weren't covering up your shoes, you were doing it wrong.

3. Studded belts, like the kind you'd get from Hot Topic, were all the rage.


5. Everyone β€” BeyoncΓ©, Lindsay Lohan, your mom β€” was wearing liquid leggings as pants.

7. I'm sorry, crinkled satin can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause it's dead!


13. 2008 was basically the year of bad headwear, from little bitty hats...


17. Regrettably, animal print hadn't completely died off by 2008, although I'm guessing Halle Berry now wishes it had.

19. But none of the above trends are as bad as the ruffly prom dresses that dominated red carpets 10 years ago.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images, Junko Kimura / Getty Images

In conclusion, be careful what you wear because you might wind up in a post like this in 2028!