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27 Really Great Fitness Goals That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

Sometimes you just want to pick up your dog without throwing your back out.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their fitness goals that have nothing to do with weight loss, and they did NOT disappoint.

You can see all the things they want to accomplish below — they're all amazing!

1. To be able to reach new heights with incredible views.

2. To finally, FINALLY work out consistently.

3. To ensure survival if (and when) there's a zombie apocalypse.

4. To be as strong as your favorite superhero.

5. To have enough energy to wear out your dogs.

6. And have the strength to take them on more adventures.

7. To master a new skill that's actually fun and interesting.

8. To keep calm and focused despite all the madness that life brings your way.

9. And to truly start loving life.

10. To savor every moment when you travel without your body clocking out.

11. To sleep a little bit better at night.

12. To have the strength to lift your bodyweight no matter which exercises you do.

13. To remain healthy no matter how old you get.

14. To never again be out of breath when you're running late.

15. To have the stamina to keep up with your kids and still do things you like to do.

16. Or maybe just to be there for them as you age.

17. To keep going hard at a sport you love, even if you'll never do it for a living.

18. To ride a bicycle longer and farther than ever before.

19. To finish a fitness class without having to take a break.

20. And similarly, to dance all the way through the night.

21. To regain the athletic ability you had before getting injured.

22. Or just to get back to your norm after a health problem or condition.

23. To prove you are still strong AF despite any challenges.

24. To train for and run a race in the name of self-care.

25. To do all the cool shit yogis do, and gain strength while you're at it.

26. To not only complete an exercise, but do it with perfect form as well.

27. To keep seeing your personal records go up and up.

Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

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