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    23 Funny Lines From "30 Rock" That Never Get Old

    Ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party, cos a Liz Lemon party is mandatory.

    1. When Tracy got physical:

    2. When Kenneth took things quite literally:

    3. When Jenna made a slight misjudgment:

    4. When Liz got ahead of herself:

    5. When Jack played Liz like a fiddle:

    6. When Liz was a comforting friend:

    7. When Liz showed off her talents:

    8. When Kenneth let things out in therapy:

    9. When Jenna had something to say:

    10. When Liz got married in every girl's dream outfit:

    11. When Liz got down to business:

    12. When Jack revealed a political secret:

    13. When Jenna's internal monologue betrayed her:

    14. When Liz had limited access to television:

    15. When Tracy offered this sage advice:

    16. When Liz questioned her wardrobe decisions:

    17. When the show got seriously meta:

    18. When Angie got into the music industry:

    19. When Tracy and Jenna teamed up:

    20. When Kenneth knew best:

    21. When Kenneth was as helpful as ever:

    22. When Liz was shocked at the way other people live:

    23. And when Jenna and Liz weren't exactly on the same page: