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This New Trailer For Blumhouse's "Truth Or Dare" Is Creepy As All Heck

Like regular truth or dare, but you die.

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So Blumhouse Productions has kind of become ~the name~ in weird AF horror.

Blumhouse Productions

Insidious, 2010.

From Get Out to Happy Death Day to The Visit, they've really made their mark on the genre.

Blumhouse Productions

Get Out, 2017.

And this week we received our first trailer for their newest film, Truth or Dare, which looks like every single shade of "yeah, no thank you."

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Blumhouse Productions / Via

The story follows a group of perfectly regular young adults playing a perfectly regular game of truth or dare.

Blumhouse Productions

However, the game proves to be a little more sinister than anticipated when it's revealed that a supernatural force is controlling the players, keeping them in the game against their will.

Blumhouse Productions

So, basically, you lie on a truth challenge, you die, you refuse to complete a dare challenge, you die.

Blumhouse Productions

Also, everyone involved in the game makes this weird AF face when they're possessed(?) by the challenge. TF is that about?

Blumhouse Productions

TBH, the trailer looks INSANE and will definitely turn you off of party games for a while.

Blumhouse Productions

Dare you to catch all this ridiculousness, headed to theaters April 13, 2018!

Blumhouse Productions
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