"Black Mirror" Got A Key Fact About Emergency Contraception Wrong, And The Internet Had Some Thoughts

    Emergency contraception doesn’t work like that! Warning: Some spoilers ahead!

    If you've seen the "Arkangel" episode from the new season of Black Mirror, then you know that it's a story of helicopter parenting gone SO FAR off the rails.

    In what director Jodie Foster called "the biggest invasion of all," Marie tries to end the pregnancy by spiking Sara's smoothie with an emergency contraceptive (EC) pill.

    However, there's a key fact worth noting: That's NOT how the EC pill works. They do not cause abortions.

    Of course, the internet noticed, and they had some ~thoughts~. For example:

    The truth is that the EC pill only prevents pregnancy if taken before it happens.

    In fact, the abortion pill is totally different from the EC pill, and it's tightly regulated.

    Conflating the two drugs really just spreads misinformation, which can end up confusing TF out of audiences.

    And that confusion can have a real-world impact on how we all view emergency contraception.