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    21 People Who'll Make You Want To Throw Your Contacts In The Trash

    People look better in glasses. There, I said it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    You know how the old trope goes: A person finally takes their glasses off and — OH MY GOD — they were beautiful the whole time! We just didn't see it! Well, I'm here to say...

    1. I'm not buyin' it, y'all! Look at Jeff Goldblum!

    2. And um, hello, STERLING K. BROWN.

    3. While we're on the subject, Sterling K. Brown as Christopher Darden in the critically acclaimed People v. O. J. Simpson!!!

    4. You can't look me in my visually impaired eyes and tell me Christina Hendricks isn't Empress of Glasses.

    5. Sweat is pouring out of me looking at Chris Hemsworth here.

    6. "Contacts are better than gla—" LOOK AT EVA MENDES WITH YOUR SPECIAL EYES.

    7. I mean, Andy Samberg, come the eff on.

    8. Anyone who thinks glasses are for nerds, please beg Queen Meryl for forgiveness.

    9. Just look at William Jackson Harper aka Chidi on The Good Place aka glasses god.

    10. All hail Mindy Kaling, Patron Saint of Lewks.

    11. What would Steve Carell's new ~silver fox~ look be without his killer specs?

    12. Oh, to be the lenses that get to correct Paul Rudd's vision.

    13. I think Rashida Jones invented glasses, actually.

    14. Or maybe Zooey Deschanel did.

    15. Ali Wong will make you rue the day your optometrist was like, "You should get contacts!" and you were like, "Okay!"

    16. TBH, no one makes glasses look more fashionable than Lupita Nyong'o.

    17. I don't even care which Chris this is, look at him in those sexy frames!!

    18. And don't even get me started on literal princess Meghan Markle!!!

    19. All right, I'm bringin' out the big guns (glasses): COLIN FIRTH.

    20. Honestly, how dare you, Matt Bomer.


    I rest my case, your honor. Glasses never go out of style. God bless 'em.