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    Posted on Jan 10, 2018

    The "Hannah Montana" Cast Reunited And It'll Make You Extremely Emotional


    Hello and welcome. Please join me on this journey back to the '00s where our biggest life problem was whether we were gonna make it home in time to watch the latest episode of Hannah Montana after soccer practice.

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    It was a constant shining beacon of light in our lives. And when the series ended in 2011, it was truly a dark, bleak time.

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    But just a few days into 2018 and we have already been blessed with a beautiful Hannah Montana reunion.

    Oliver, Lilly, and Jackson — back together loving and hating each other once again. 😭

    And all I can mumble is: SAY WHAT?!

    @EmilyOsment @mitchelmusso @DukeofEarles Say what? 😭😭❤ I just cant...

    It was a simpler time.

    @mitchelmusso The only tv show who always kept me smiling , those were the days

    Where days were spent slingin' mozzarella moose, swiss, and magooda turkey.

    @mitchelmusso jackson rod stewart get your ass back to making cheese jerkey at rico's surf shop

    And now I'm gonna be feeling extremely emotional for the next 24-48 hours.

    @EmilyOsment @mitchelmusso @DukeofEarles Oh maaaa gawwwddd it's my childhood 😭 I'm not crying.. I'm just sweating f…

    But most importantly: If any Disney Channel gods are listening, we could all use a Hannah Montana reunion episode right about now!

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    *Paging Miley Cyrus*

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