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    Posted on Jan 10, 2018

    Kim Kardashian Shut Down A Tabloid For Body-Shaming Kris Jenner

    Don't come for Kim or Kris.

    OK, it's 2018 and one thing is certain now: DO NOT FUCK WITH KIM KARDASHIAN OR HER FAMILY.


    Just last week, she shut down rumors that she was partying while her son Saint was in the hospital:

    Anyway, this time, she had to shut down a tabloid on Tuesday, who called her mom "chubby."

    Here's what Kim said:



    People loved Kim's response:

    @KimKardashian Come for them queen

    @KimKardashian @robkardashian Drag them Kim!

    Good job, Kim. And one last thing — being or looking "chubby" is NOT. A. BAD. THING. Ok bye!

    CBS / Via CB

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