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    Updated on 11 Dec 2018. Posted on 10 Jan 2018

    11 Deep Insights Into How India Watches Porn From Pornhub's Probing Study

    TL;DR – everyone thank the Ambanis and Reliance Jio for making India a way hornier country in 2017.

    One of the world's leading adult websites, Pornhub, just released their annual review of users' porn-watching habits. While the data covered the entire world, their Indian users featured prominently throughout.


    Here are the highlights from our year watching porn:

    1. Search terms like "Indian HD" and "HD Hindi" showed a spectacular jump of over 1000% in India, almost all thanks to the rise in penetration of 4G cellular services in 2017."

    "Indian HD" was actually one of the entire site's top trending searches throughout the year.

    2. In fact, 86% of all the traffic from India came from smartphones.

    For comparison, the world average is just 67%.

    3. Another effect of this boom – India became the world's third-biggest porn enthusiast in terms of traffic in 2017!

    While the U.S. and U.K. unsurprisingly led the pack, we managed to displace Canada off the podium from last year.

    4. In addition to 4G, Indian women were also hugely responsible for our jump. Female Indian visitors to the site increased by 129%, waaaaaay higher than any other country in the world.


    India's 30-70 ratio between female and male visitors is also much better than the world average of 26-74.

    5. In not-so-impressive news, Indians last only 8 min 20 sec per session. This is almost 100 seconds faster than the overall average of 9 min 59 sec.

    Interestingly, while the world's average visit time increased 23 seconds from 2016, India's average stayed exactly the same.

    6. "Indian Wife" and "Indian Bhabhi Devar" were two of the most popular search terms in the country, as per usual. The most popular category amongst Indians was "MILF".

    Oh also, "Indian" is the world's second-most popular ethnicity after "Japanese", according to categories viewed.

    7. While the age of the average Pornhub user is 35, the average Indian user is just 30 years old – the youngest in the world.

    Almost 51% of Indians on Pornhub are aged between 18-24.

    8. The highest traffic drop recorded in India was 16% on March 12, thanks to Holi.


    Not such a horny holiday after all, as it turns out.

    9. Site traffic dropped by an average of 37% around the world on New Year's Eve. But, while the world celebrated, traffic in India only dropped by 12%.


    It was the lowest recorded traffic drop amongst the site's top 20 countries. #StayAtHome2k18

    10. Friday is the least popular day to jerk off, while Sunday is all about that self-lovin'.

    Dharma Productions

    Also, if you were wondering, the most popular time to jerk off is just before bedtime – between 10 p.m. to midnight.

    11. And, for the third year running, Sunny Leone was the most searched for adult star in India.

    Fame Bollywood

    She also came in fifth worldwide, with Riley Reid being crowned the new queen of that empire.

    You can read the entire report here.

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