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    Over 6,000 People With Super-Dry Skin Are Obsessed With This Hand Lotion

    With thousands of five-star reviews, this stuff might finally make your dreams of smooth, soft hands a reality.

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    Hello! If you haven't noticed, it's wintertime! The temps are a-dropping and the wind is a-blowin' — which often means dry and cracked hands galore, despite your warmest gloves and best efforts to keep your skin moisturized AF. But guess what?


    If you, like me, have dry hands that veer into the painful and bloody zone (gross, but true) as soon as the temperature hovers just above freezing, I present to you: O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, the $6.49 holy grail lotion for hands in the most dire of conditions.

    With over 8,000 reviews and a 4.6-star average, this product has been touted as a lifesaver by people with severely dry skin as well as those who suffer from eczema. The unscented lotion comes in both tub and tube form, the product is cruelty-free, and it's safe and effective for people with diabetes.

    According to its description, the lotion "creates a protective layer on the skin’s surface that instantly boosts moisture levels and helps prevent further moisture loss" — with results that people have seemed to notice within days.

    I mean, just look at this customer's before-and-after...after four days. / Via Amazon

    "I am amazed! I have dealt with eczema all my life. I've used steroid creams/ointments, lotions, wash, you name it. And then I tried this miracle product! In four days, my hands look better then they ever have! I can bend my finger without pain! I'm sooo happy with the results. And I have only been using it for four days!" —Kelly

    Or this one, after just EIGHT HOURS! I mean. / Via Amazon

    "I used this for the first time at 9 a.m. and about three more times throughout my eight-hour workday. This is the difference it made in just eight short hours! Definitely recommend this cream." —Gloria B.

    And check out this hype team of Amazon reviewers who swear this humble little tub of hand cream has been the answer to their prayers:

    "I've developed eczema on my hands over the last few years, and my fingers get terribly, painfully cracked all year long, and especially in the colder months. My fingers and knuckles will be covered in cracks. This is THE only thing that gives me any relief. It stings a good bit when you put it over open sores (which if you're like me is inevitable), and feels a little weird, but the result is worth the pain. You'll notice a difference after just a couple of uses. Promise. It helps cracked heels, too." —Kathleen Dunlop

    "Hands down, O'Keeffe's Working Hands is possibly the greatest hand cream on the market. Two years ago, a coworker of mine started in my office and brought with him this magical green tub of hand cream. As a hockey player with his hands in sweaty gloves in cold weather, his hands were always cracking. He swore up and down that Working Hands was the greatest thing known to man.

    This winter was especially bad as my knuckles bled and my hands hurt constantly. Around September, I ordered my first tub of Working Hands. My hands that were already starting to dry out and crack were immediately improving. Despite washing my hands several times a day, my hands were still protected and moisturized. Whether working outside, or in the office, my hands were in significantly better shape than any winter in recent memory. I swear by this stuff. I have a tub at my desk at work. I keep one in my car. One on my dresser at home. I always have one ready for a new application and my hands are always soft and protected." —Timothy P. Lyons

    "This stuff works wonders! I have severe eczema, to the point where my skin cracks open, and I start to bleed. I've tried everything from steroids, dermatologist prescribed creams, lotions, and nothing ever works. My boyfriend told me about this stuff, and I'm so glad he did! This is the only stuff that works for my eczema! It stings like hell when you put it on, but it's so worth it. Within two days of using it, my hands are already better!! And the best part is that I don't see my eczema coming back with it either! Thank you O'Keeffe's for finally giving me much needed relief with this horrible eczema I have!!! Totally worth it!" —Heather

    Make your hands — and even your heels! — happy already, will ya? (FYI, O'Keeffe's also has a top-rated foot cream.)


    Get a 3.4 oz. tub of O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream from Amazon for $6.49.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.