9 Handy Tips For Anyone Who Owns A Candle

    Burn, baby, burn.

    If you're a living, breathing human, you probably received a candle as a gift this holiday season, so I'm here to tell you how to care for it and not burn your place to the ground. Yay!

    1. Trim your wick to 1/8 of an inch every time.

    2. To prevent tunneling, burn your candle one hour for every inch in diameter the first time you light it.

    3. Use aluminum foil to fix tunneling if you already f*cked up.

    4. Get yourself a multi-wick candle if you want an even burn with less hassle.

    5. Don't place your candle near moving air.

    6. Stop using your candle when there's half an inch of wax left at the bottom.

    7. Freeze the jar so you can pop out any remaining wax and reuse it.

    8. Don't burn your candle for more than four hours in one sitting.

    9. Never extinguish a wax candle with water.

    Stay safe and cozy out there, fellow candle owners.