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    23 Aussie Foods That Have Been Lost To The Ages

    Forget Potato Smiles, these old snacks are the true MVPs.

    1. Vice Versas which you probably forgot about until right now, even though M&Ms will never really measure up.

    2. Pigs in Mud, which you never realised were actually kind of a weird concept when you think about it.


    3. Voodoo Jelly, a Pop Top/Jelly Cup hybrid that never should have worked as well as it did.

    4. Y2K bugs which were popular for, like, six months.

    Kenman Kandy / Via DOLLY Magazine

    5. Calippo Shots which bring back memories of trying to be a badass 10-year-old doing shots.


    6. Incredibites, which I bet means nothing to you, until you see this memorable packaging:


    7. Snackabouts, whose memory you've replaced with grown-up Jatz and cheese plates.


    8. Burgerman chips which everyone seems to have forgotten about, despite their iconic shapes.

    Instagram: @gcmumma / Via, Real McCoy

    9. Mello Yello which has been replaced by Lift but will always be your original fave.

    10. Quatro biscuits which, let's be real, were never going to stick around in anyone's memory.

    11. And Coffee Scroll biscuits, with the pink icing that you'd always leave to the end.

    These biscuits are so forgotten that I can't even find a photo of the real ones online, these are a homemade version.

    12. Starburst jelly beans which were probably discontinued because they literally made you go loopy from the sugar and chemicals.


    13. Hazelnut Rolls which should be way more memorable because I can't think of any other ice cream served in a roll.

    14. Thorpedo energy water which I'm sure even Ian Thorpe himself has forgotten about.


    15. Fanta Spiders which no one will blame you for trying to block from your memory.

    Coca Cola

    16. And all those new Fanta flavours that were super cool for a couple of years in the early '00s.


    17. Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs which was a very strange name for what is just caramel popcorn.


    18. The Agro cone at Wendy's which beats any ice cream to ever come before or after.


    19. Grave Robber ice cream which literally encouraged us to dig for corpses??? ? ???

    20. The entire "In A Biskit" range which were never going to match up to Shapes.

    Kraft, Karft

    21. Or the Bisc& range which were so much better than standard old chocolate.


    22. 3D Doritos which were the most fun food to eat, and made the normal 2D triangles so boring in comparison.


    23. And the Coconut White Magnum which honestly is my favourite ice cream of all time but I CONSTANTLY forget it ever happened.