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Posted on Jan 10, 2018

So You Think You Know Your European Flags, Do Ya?

Let's hope you know your Baltic states!

  1. Which one is the German flag?

  2. And which one is the flag for Portugal?

  3. Which flag is flown by Austria?

  4. And what about Iceland?

  5. Which one is Greece's flag?

  6. Now, how about the flag for England?


    Not to be confused with the United Kingdom flag.

  7. Which is the flag for Ukraine?

  8. Which is the Croatian flag?

  9. And the flag for Finland?

  10. Which flag belongs to Latvia?

  11. And for Bulgaria?

  12. Which is the flag for Slovenia?

  13. Now, what about Malta?

  14. And which flag belongs to Liechtenstein?

  15. Which one is the flag of Cyprus?

  16. And finally, which is the flag for San Marino?

This post was translated from French.

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