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    18 Tattoos That Prove Inked Feet Are Beautiful

    Tattooed toes and ankles.

    1. This tiny toe tattoo.

    2. These matching mermaids.

    3. This itty bitty angle planet.

    4. This permanent toe ring.

    5. This homage to everyone's favourite food.

    6. These matching toesies.

    7. These gloriously decorated toes.

    8. This little penguin just chilling out.

    9. This mountain range.

    10. These two different but complementing sides.

    11. This brightly coloured fox.

    12. This lovely Snoopy.

    13. These tattooed toes ready to take a dip.

    14. This beautiful design.

    15. This happy lil' guy.

    16. This blooming flower.

    17. This subtle support of veganism.

    18. This musical frog.

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