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    11 Bridesmaid Proposal Stories That Are Just Too Cute

    'Cause you can't say "I do" without your besties by your side!

    Asking your bestie to be in your wedding has gotten more and more creative over the years, so we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share how they asked their friends to be their bridesmaids. Here are the best results:

    1. The Prankster:

    "I went to second-hand stores and bought the tackiest dresses I could find. When I went to ask them and they accepted, I gave them a nicely wrapped dress and said 'I know money is tight, so I bought your dress!' All but my sister thought I was serious, and the looks on their faces were priceless."


    rthennes / Via

    2. Roses Are Red:

    "I sent a bouquet of flowers to my maid of honor's job. The card read 'Roses are red, Violets are blue, I need a maid of honor, will it be you?'"


    3. Baby You're A Firework:

    "After the love of my life proposed to me, I asked her to be my Maid of Honor at a 4th of July firework show. So there was fireworks behind us and everythiiinggg! She’s shy so she gave me the side eye for my dramatic-ness but said yes of course."


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    4. A Pizza My Heart:

    "I did it with pizza because that's my favorite food! Some were delivered to them and others were picked up with me there! I had the pizza restaurants write 'You have a pizza my heart and I couldn't get married without you by my side. Will you be my bridesmaid?'"


    5. Selfie Overload:

    "I sent each of my bridesmaids a series of photos throughout the morning asking them to be my bridesmaid or bridesmaids. It was so fun to surprise each of them!"


    ashleyf20 / Via

    6. A Latte Love:

    "We went shopping for her dress and she got us Starbucks coffees and had the barista write 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' on it. So cute and so simple!"


    7. The Golden Girls:

    "My girls and I are big golden girls fans so I created a themed box. I got character stickers and wine glasses (and wine of course) for each girl. I took Dorothy's picture from her wedding on the show and photoshopped me and my fiances faces in it and framed it. Then on the top of the box I created an image that said 'Thank you for being a friend, now will you be my bridesmaid?' It was perfect!"


    lauraannl2 / Via

    8. The Stoner:

    "My best friend, post-bong rip: 'So, will you be my maid of honor?'

    Me, taking the bong from her: 'Dude, of course I will.'"


    9. Blushing Bridesmaid:

    "When my sister got engaged, she asked me to be a bridesmaid by giving me a Tarte eyeshadow/blush palette and wrote a note saying 'Will you be my blushing bridesmaid?' with an adorable “morning after” kit including Advil, Tums, hairbands, etc!"


    10. The Man Of Honor:

    "My best friend Victoria and I met at Dairy Queen. It was our first job and although we've moved on to other things we still work there once or twice a week. When we graduated high school our boss congratulated us on the board outside DQ, back then it wasn't digital. So in the most nostalgic and sentimental way, my best friend asked me to be her man of honor, to stand beside her on her special day, and of course I said yes."


    davidm4b47a4460 / Via

    11. The Clueless Groomsmen:

    "We mailed boxes to both the boys and girls with alcohol-related gifts! Flasks for the girls and whiskey with bow ties on them for the boys. The girls knew exactly what it meant, but the boys were like 'Hey man, thanks for the whiskey.' I guess we should have been more explicit on the groomsman proposal boxes."


    taylorjacquelynng / Via

    12. Too Excited To Wait:

    "Probably the least flashy and impressive way. But I was crazy excited and didn’t even think twice to ask my bridesmaids in the same text letting them know I was engaged."


    carlyh4e1ed1a44 / Via

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