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10 Practical Tips For Staying Warm In Your Home And 9 That Are Just Plain Smart

It's a chilly one out there.

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1. Let the sun in during the day, but close your curtains when the sun goes down.

They'll be an added layer of insulation against the dropping temperatures outside.

Get blackout curtains from Amazon for $17.95.

2. And add an insulated liner if it's really bitter out there.

3. Or use magnetic tape and paint to hang vinyl sheets on your window for insulation that won't block out the sun.

Just paint your window sill with magnetic paint or primer and line a vinyl sheet with magnetic tape. You'll have insulation that you can quickly put up every winter and take down when it warms up. See it here.

Get the clear vinyl sheet from Amazon for $7.97, the magnetic tape for $5.91, and the magnetic primer for $34.20+.


8. Move your bed away from the window if you have the space for a little ~feng-shui~.

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It's going to be colder closer to the window no matter what. Plus, it's nice to rearrange every once in a while.

10. Layer rugs to prevent heat loss through the floor and to keep your bare feet warm.

12. Turn on a humidifier to make the air feel warmer — and to protect your skin and sinuses from the dry heat.

Though it won't change the actual temperature of a room, humidity can actually make it feel a few degrees warmer. Learn more here.

Get this one from Amazon for $34.99+, available in different finishes.

14. Close a dollar bill in your front door and try to tug it out to test for drafts.

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If you can pull it out easily (like I could here), it's time to reseal your doors. Learn more here.

15. Make a removable door draft stopper with two pool noodles, fabric, and velcro command strips.


16. Or buy one from Amazon if you're looking for something more permanent.

18. Light an incense stick and hold it near light switches, electrical sockets, and wiring holes to check for air leaks that may be less obvious.

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If the smoke drifts into the source, you're going to want to invest in some socket seals or weatherstrips. See it here.

Get a 24-pack of outlet and switch seals from Amazon for $15.99 and 39 feet of weatherstrips from Home Depot for $4.88.

19. And if all else fails, snuggle up with your coziest blankets and your best pal.