The Canadian Government Put Together A List Of Slang Words For Weed And It's Pretty Spectacular

    Including "dank krippy."

    With legalization around the corner, the government of Canada put together a handy guide with everything you need to know about marijuana.

    It's being promoted as a way to bone up before talking to your teens about ~drugs~.

    Blunts, pipes and spliffs are all ways to smoke #cannabis. Before talking to your teen, get informed:…

    It goes through the effects of pot on the body:

    As well as the various ways to consume it:

    But, by far, the most useful and mockable part is a very thorough list of all the slang names for cannabis.

    It starts off sort of normal.

    • pot
    • bud
    • wax

    But then...

    • errl
    • purp
    • keef
    • dope
    • herb
    • joint
    • rosin
    • spliff
    • trees
    • boom
    • weed
    • ganja
    • reefer
    • doobie
    • shatter
    • budder
    • gangster
    • Mary Jane (MJ)
    • dank or dank krippy

    Dank krippy!

    Thank you, government of Canada, for this blessing we're all enjoying very much.

    "errl,""purp" and "dank krippy" are slang terms for marijuana that I just learned from the federal government

    It's great to know you're so with it.

    @DougSaunders What?! No whacky tabacky?